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Bilyk | Two poems from “New Page”

Two poems from “New Page” by Volodymyr Bilyk New Page is a literary movement founded by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro in 2009: https://newpageinstore.wordpress.com/  

Bilyk | Onomatopoeia report

Onomatopoeia report. FLITTER-pineFINCH versus SQUAWK-clapWRETCH by Volodymyr Bilyk   KUNK! oof! KLUDD! snak! snak! snak! ching! ching! ching! KNOFF! KHAKK! KRAKK! WHOKK! smek smek KOOGH WHUK! WHUK THUD…

Mori | Estratti da Canti Digitali

Estratti da Canti Digitali by Alberto Mori Alberto Mori, Canti Digitali, http://www.faraeditore.it/nefesh/cantidigitali.html «Si entra nel testo redatto in puro stile linguistico “informatichese” percorrendo cantieri verbo visuali davvero sorprendenti:…

Lubrano | Poesie

Poesie by Carmine Lubrano per preparare una poesia antagonista di Carmine Lubrano. ( parte prima ) per preparare una poesia comunista un po’ dada antagonista si prende un…

Lubrano | Visual poetry

Visual poetry by Carmine Lubrano

DiMichele | The Play, Act 1, 2 and 3

The Play, Act 1, 2 and 3 by Bill DiMichele

Gaze | Four pages for Utsanga

Four pages for Utsanga by Tim Gaze Statement There are many pages covered in black paint and other pigments lying around my house, resulting from various experiments. I…

Bíró | Ten works

Ten works by József Bíró  

Nelson | Four works

Four works by Stephen Nelson

Pavanello | Five works

Five works by Giancarlo Pavanello

Forster | Six works

Six works by Richard Forster    

Franzia | Two works

Two works by Lia Franzia

Mangifesta | Poemas

Poemas By Claudio Mangifesta                

Davidson | Works

Works by Linda Davidson                        

Caggiula|L’arca di Setha

L’arca di Setha by Cristiano Caggiula Il discorso segue lo stesso intervallo, germoglio alla noia di un verde che acceca, ma alla sua stagione soggiace. Ad ogni calar…

Blaine | Manifeste pour le maculage des affiches publicitaires

Manifeste pour le maculage des affiches publicitaires by Julien Blaine

Van de Velde | Poèmes chromatiques, from Numérique à minima (Editions K’A)

Poèmes chromatiques, from Numérique à minima (Editions K’A, 2016) by Daniel Van de Velde Daniel Van de Velde Numérique à minima. Poésie chromatique Editions K’A Préface : Georges…