by Volodymyr Bilyk

Ladies and Gentlemen!

For the last three years we were publishing all things experimental.
Utsanga became something more than just another litmag centered on extreme writing. Utsanga became a source of inspiration for many writers – a place where they can find something completely different and develop it in a dissimilar way.

Now it’s time to acknowledge it.
We’re announcing full-on Remix Rampage.
Remixing is a vital part of writing culture. After all – nothing comes out of nothing.
It’s fascinating how many possibilities are out there just waiting to be used.
It is always interesting to read, watch, listen to alternative, transformed versions of pieces and the ways it can be made.

Submission guidelines:

– remixed piece must be based on the one published on Utsanga;
– reference to the original work is required;
– piece can be remixed in any possible way (for example: text to image, image to sound, etc.);
– methods of remix must be described in a short form (in fact – it can be a piece on its own terms);

Email: redazione@utsanga.it

Deadline – August 30 2017

Works submitted will be presented in the Third Anniversary Issue of Utsanga which will be out in September 2017.


Utsanga remix rampage
a project by Volodymyr Bilyk

September 2017



Maggi | Remix rampage
Laine | Remix rampage: Emilio Villa’s Labirinto
Cagnoli | Remix rampage: Almanacco del corpo
Reguera | Remix rampage
Cibils | Remix rampage: Spills
Hertz | Remix rampage
Vassilakis | Remix rampage
Upton | Remix rampage ( II ): “Sing Out”, statement for Utsanga
Upton | Remix rampage ( I )
Caggiula | Remix rampage (II)
Caggiula | Remix rampage (I)
Aprile | Remix rampage
Kulemin | Remix rampage
Bennett | Remix rampage
Paz | Remix rampage
Moio | Remix rampage
Federici | Remix rampage: Berliner Variationen
Brandstiffer | Remix rampage
Bilyk | Remix rampage ( II )
Bilyk | Remix rampage ( I )
Limarev | Remix rampage


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