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Lypa | Works

Works by Oksana Lypa Please follow and like us:

Boulachenko | Ten Random generated Poems

Ten Random generated Poems by Petro Boulachenko 1. Gigantic beholder juice. Timeless divinity – heaving. 2. perplexing elephant box. Presumed frigid. 3. profound bazooka. mirror cry. extortion absurd…

Doe | Scattered scat

Scattered scat by Arn Doe Dooooooo D-D-Doo D-D-Do D-D-D-D-Do Doo Do-Do Doooo D-Do Do Doo D-D-D-Doooo D-D-D-Do Do D-D-Do Do Do Doo Do Dooo D-D-Doo D-D-D-Doo Dooooooooo Doo…

Buszeck | Variations

Variations by Andriy Buszeck 1. staggering vacillation rearwards, aloof and outward unfold the aperture in a pompous, affected way. Inhale deeply crease and ruffle have a sensation of…

Mikayelyan | Zen

Zen by Grigor Mikayelyan     Please follow and like us:

Bíró | Visual poem

Visual poem by József Bíró Please follow and like us: