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Young | Poems

Poems by Mark Young   from 1750 words #22 correctness & per- formance is circumstantial is entwined with the weather : simply : the same set of information….

Fores | Poems

Poems by Luis Fores     De CHAN. Mirada zen —————————————————————————————– Partir…, Hogar pasaje sobre el fuego, partir hacia la soledad más honda…, hacia la hora más oscura…,…

Leftwhich-Crouse-Bennett | Poem

Poem by Jim Leftwich, John Crouse, John Bennett   Jim Leftwich Sat, Apr 18, 10:25 PM to John A Fable Bullet moth trample Stubble dimple crapper Heap pole…

Dorado | Four works

Four works by Adrian Dorado  

Nelson | Pwoermds

Pwoermds by Stephen Nelson  

Aprile | Textoprogetto

Textoprogetto by Francesco Aprile   http://textoprogetto.it/  

Aprile | Textra. One word poems

Textra. One word poems by Francesco Aprile http://textraword.it/

Glass | Works

Works by Jesse Glass   Heraclitus I’m doing a series of Heraclitus translations carved on fossils–mainly fossil fish because they’re plentiful and cheap so there won’t be any…

Lambo | Tutto ciò che non ho ancora scritto

Tutto ciò che non ho ancora scritto by Michele Lambo    

Vilhjálmsson | Works: a short anthology

Works: a short anthology by Jóhann S. Vilhjálmsson        

Gonzalez | Works

Works by Rafael Gonzalez      

Wemby | Asemic writing

Asemic writing by Cal Wemby

Kulemin | Yard song

Yard song by Edward Kulemin  

Barros | PoeticAssêmica

PoeticAssêmica by Tchello D’Barros

Smith | Asemic writing

Asemic writing by Denis Smith

Astolfi | Flow

Flow by Andrea Astolfi  

Aquarone | Poemas

Poemas by Paulo Aquarone

McMurtagh | Two works

Tow works by Shawn McMurtagh  

McMurtagh-Gonzalez | Poem

Poem by Shawn McMurtagh and Rafael Gonzalez  

McMurtagh-Bennett | Works

Works by Shawn McMurtagh and John Bennett