Code, work
by Alan Sondheim

1. Codework carries the remnants of performativity into static or dynamic

2. Performativity in codework occurs within a double register, of human
labor (down the chain) and digital production (up the chain).

3. Codework is the scratched or scorched remnant of code disrupting,
breaking through the surface of normative semiosis and its linguistic

4. Codework dishevels diegesis; the _gamespace_ of the world of the text
is disrupted by the edgespace of untraceable and problematic phenomena,
code shards, bent trajectories.

5. Then: ic phenomena, code shards, ben y in y in codework occurs wi
ivi he remnan rajec ories. ivi he chain). 3. Codework is he chain). 3.
Codework is y in codework occurs wi y in y in er, of human labor (down
hrough ive semiosis and i of code disrup er, of human labor (down hin a
double regis he chain). 3. Codework is ic residue. 4. Codework dishevels
diegesis; ex he world of ing, breaking he scra ing, breaking ex ic
phenomena, code shards, ben he ive semiosis and i ic residue. 4. Codework
dishevels diegesis; raceable and problema ories. is disrup is disrup
rajec rajec

6. Then: 1 Work Code, He might fall into the ice Coyote went along said to
her, where are children Panther pretended be dead and Partridge there Wuu
you a manitou, shall mosquitoes Out came water stretched his hand out
Trout dynamic or static performativity of remnants carries Codework 1.
home jumped down A manitou passed by was always hunting killed much game
bit off bows dragged them The manitous back Skunk saw town told Come eat
blood chief gave commands, Who sun following morning up In middle world we
meet Shoot at grass figure girls get fuel Raven Now they die twice tail
had four strips, Then one left people then he shot him realms. Beaver made
holes in all directions human register, double within occurs codework
Performativity 2. Frog going Even shade burned chain). (up production
digital chain) (down labor disrupting, code remnant scorched scratched is
3. linguistic its semiosis normative surface through breaking residue.
text _gamespace_ diegesis; dishevels 4. tree fell on Ravens daughter
phenomena, problematic untraceable edgespace disrupted trajectories. bent
shards, found wife wi y ben ic easy: Too 5. ivi ories. rajec remnan er,
hin disrup i ive hrough regis ex ing, scra problema raceable 6. Then:

7. Genocide, anguish, fury, inherent politics against the authoritarianism
of speech and phenomena: (rang from his cock wherever he was in the house
skies; she gave me the cock to make the reeds, sea urchins, catacombs.
with flesh, gnawed bones of others who pad my cock and shoulders. Armed
Travis, attached to the sizzled body, found his burned cock thrust into
You think you’re doing the same thing with your cock splits, They tie the
cord around the cock and rip it off him. she cock ties while cock she to
she cocaine-you-know-me to coming coming become cowcatchers, my mouth a
locomotive; I tender my cock to myself, my tongue is gone my cock torn off
| the cock gouges a hole in his body and nestles in panties cloth soaking
wet with damming splits against your throbbing cock with damming splits
against your throbbing cock of filthy germs streaming your throbbing cock
of filthy germs streaming ghosts across your splitting lightning crashes
from my cock hands throat ! Disturbance of Body in cybermind, cock jewel,
shaft of braided gold bleeding cock where the sword comes out. The surface
is frozen,

8. Anguished worked: of a friend or relative is an anguish some, this
anguish and pleasure. I, critical to me – anguish being a day. a
crystalline is blank: anguish. letters ‘i in topics such as, How does one
deal with anguish personally? of concept of _anguish_ which has become
critical to me – anguish being a of words , psycho-disturbance – the of
it’s anguish to any one of us is a in the moment or the past of the blame
anguish besought required psycho-disturbance – the if it weren’t for
anguish our camera would anguish on our part. we’re the a wound a images,
the imaginary, and for the Truth which, in turn, and me and all its some,
this anguish and is, I believe, a sense of anguish at the heart of these
as well.] this and for the loss of ontic reality at the slightest gap in
the of death, mind Are we discovering a viral anguish in our midst? How
can anguish be discarded? under the greatest anguish or ecstatic
exaltation were to be an absolute, romanticism suturing the anguish of
exaltation were to be airsick anxious abhorrent under the greatest anguish
or ecstatic alliance keeps her present, always point anguish and violence
yourself appears without significance – the anguish of death is this – the
rest of the body, o loved ones, do read anguish have failed us! o o there
occur.:yes:17664:4: the relationship present, always the middle of
torture, dark times , the anguish of words , in the dark i dreaming
tending towards fear with you and anguish anxiety bale agnation solace,
hopelessness dead and gone of this anguish this appears example, when the
coral reefs joblessness > not depression though – froms tears limbs bodies
haunts Daishin Nikuko, will become, however, the anguish anguish anguish
exists hear nothing but anguish of can fall, only so far as the symbol; at
that, that keeps her heard call anguish inertia technologies letters ‘i
past anguish the middle of TORTURE SHREDDED SKIN, anguish blotting out and written; manner, anguish erasure. continues, some of the anguish about
lack at that point violence occurs. :that we have already compressed
romantic anguish transforms mockery into the bone of tragedy, the
forbidden anguish, gap in the pleasure in an anguish and anxiety, what
death is this – the lack

9. Codework is always already _a failure_ or collapse; it swirls and
transforms blankspace into crashed subjectivity; it gnaws itself. It does
nothing and to the extent that it’s a _style,_ it negativizes language
past the point of redemption, to useless hipsterisms. But then this
failure is _of interest._

10. Keep it Courier, messenger, indecipherable scrap, scrape:

“That day the words of the lord [ ]…
were difficult, their meaning not to fathom,
and, his words being difficult, the envoy was unable to render them,
The lord of Kullab smoothed clay with the hand, and set down
the words on it in the manner of a tablet.
While up to then there had been no one setting down words on clay,
now, on that day, under that sun, thus it verily came to be;
the lord of Kullub set down wo[rds on clay,] thus it verily
came to be!”

– From The Messenger in the Ancient Semitic World, Samuel A. Meier,
Harvard Semitic Monographs 45, Scholars Press, Atlanta, 1988,
p. 52, from the Sumerian tale, _Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta._


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