Glitch art

Limarev | Triptych (Utsanga award – 2021)

Triptych (Utsanga award – 2021) by Alexander Limarev  

Mancini-Horn | Octodoc

Octodoc Donato Mancini – Horn

Nimp | Glitch

Glitch by Jeff Nimp  

Urbina | Works

Works by Jesus Urbina  

Astolfi | scrivevo lunghe lettere

scrivevo lunghe lettere by Andrea Astolfi a Jack Kerouac  

Calandriello | AA9MXE00TJOL

AA9MXE00TJOL by Giuseppe Calandriello   Synopsys: Asemic cinema is non-communication form that uses language outside the traditional rules of syntax. Asemic cinema determines a void of meaning which…

Nimp | Works

Works by Jeff Nimp    

Bursich | White noise (II)

    White noise (II) Carta intrecciata. Misura variabile by Vesna Bursich     Nell’opera dal titolo “WHITE NOISE” le parole sono intese come oggetto indipendentemente dal loro…

Bursich | White noise (I)

      White noise (I) Carta intrecciata. Misura variabile by Vesna Bursich  

Limarev | Works

    Works by Alexander Limarev    

Gugliuzza | Equinozio. Tre sfumature

Equinozio. Tre sfumatureby Nicolò Gugliuzza

Astolfi | Mamma mia cara

Mamma mia cara(da “Lettere inedite ai famigliari” di Baudelaire)by Andrea Astolfi

Dale | A short anthology

A short anthologyby Borek Dale

Aprile | La macchina di von Neumann

La macchina di von Neumannby Francesco Aprile

Caggiula | Works

  Works by Cristiano Caggiula    


      CORONAVIRUSDISEASE by Detoune   CORONAVIRUSDISEASE stand as a metaphor for the info-pandemic we are experiencing in these days; the overwhelming flowing of declarations, statements, views,…

Piccinelli | Palinsesti

    Palinsesti by Andrea Piccinelli    

Mayoora-Snodgrass | Works

    Works by Dona Mayoora and Kristine Snodgrass  

Kleinheksel | Works

Works by Chace Kleinheksel I’m A conceptual artist My works with geometric abstractions create subtle gradations with transparencies Contrasting colors, shapes and an elusive view of form, this…

Aprile | Note su “Glitchasemics” di Marco Giovenale

Note su “Glitchasemics” di Marco Giovenale by Francesco Aprile     Glitchasemics (Estratti) Glitchasemics (Libro)   Glitchasemics è un libro di Marco Giovenale, edito da Post-Asemic Press di…

Giovenale | Estratti da “Glitchasemics” (Post-Asemic Press, 2020)

Estratti da “Glitchasemics” (Post-Asemic Press, 2020) by Marco Giovenale  

Kulemin | Yard song

Yard song by Edward Kulemin  

Aprile | Glitch poems (2015)

Glitch poems by Francesco Aprile  

Limarev | Asemic-glitch poems: four works

Asemic-glitch poems: four works by Alexander Limarev

Crane | Glitch poems

Glitch poems by Louis Crane    

Sokolin | Glitch: A short anthology

Glitch: A short anthology by Alexey Sokolin    

Paul No | 12 Glitch poems fra poesia visiva e concreta

12 Glitch poems fra poesia visiva e concreta by Douglas Paul no      

Limarev | Nazca secret song 1, 2, 3

Nazca secret song 1, 2, 3 by Alexander Limarev 

Kervinen | Atari 2600 glitches

Atari 2600 glitches by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Jukka-Pekka Kervinen: “from 2011, Atari 2600 glitches with some postprocessing, all 2600 programs written by me, direct machine language which contains lots…