Dodici scritture asemantiche e una dichiarazione di poetica
by Peter Ganick and Nicola Winborn


I contacted Nicola Winborn suggesting we collaborate on some artwork. We agreed to progress with no particular rules except making sets of twelve pictures at a time. I sent the first set of ‘starts’ to her and what you see here is taken from that initial exchange. We now plan to continue this process. When we have both worked on an image, we post the work to our Instagram and Facebook accounts.
I tend towards extreme abstraction, without reference to outer reality: when I examine and reflect on what I’ve done, it has references to my internal interpretation of events (ones which have taken place in both my inner and outer worlds). These references may or may not be nice obtainable to viewers. All of this leads me to want to formulate an axiom: experience is abstract to an abstract-tuned mind.
When Peter Ganick contacted me and asked if I would be interested in collaborating with him, I was delighted, as I really love his work. Both of us naturally gravitate towards abstraction in our practice; I feel that our independent styles complement each other well, and I find the interplay of our mark making fascinating in these pieces.
Throughout my life, I have come into close contact with many people who can be dismissive of abstract art, placing it beneath the work of `realism’ in their own constructed hierarchies: however, like Peter, I experience the world in an abstract fashion, and my inner visual landscape is populated by impressionistic forms, which often burst and dance into my awareness. What I see inside is too vivid and alive for me to ignore; what I produce on paper is just a fraction of what is present in my mind’s eye. Working on this first phase of our collaboration has been a joy and I am very excited for Part II!


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