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Boschi | Works

Works by Anna Boschi  

Garrapa | Works

Works by Gianluca Garrapa  

Kassam | Works

Works by Ilyas Kassam  

Alzati | Works

Works by Andrea Alzati  

Chapman | Dao

Dao by Cecelia Chapman  

Baiwei | 乐书 – “Musical Calligraphy”

乐书 – “Musical Calligraphy” by Baiwei  

Nelson | Works

Works by Stephen Nelson  

Devicienti | Works

Works by Antonio Devicienti  

Texas Fontanella | Works

Works by Texas Fontanella  

Guatteri | Manuale di vendita (Utsanga award – 2021)

Manuale di vendita (Utsanga award – 2021) by Mariangela Guatteri

Chapman | Works

Works by Cecelia Chapman  

ThelemaMX | Persefone

Persefone by ThelemaMX  

Silva | Works

Works by Wellington Amancio Silva  

k@in | art and dreams

art and dreams by k@in  

Liuzzi | I gabbiani non lo sanno

I gabbiani non lo sanno by Oronzo Liuzzi  

Maggi | Light writing, 1992, installazione olografica e neon, Rocca Paolina, PG

Light writing, 1992, installazione olografica e neon, Rocca Paolina, PG by Ruggero Maggi  

Hansen | Asemic

Asemic by Jesper Frederik Emil Hansen  

Benzina | Questa è la mia giornata di oggi

Questa è la mia giornata di oggi by Riccardo Benzina  

GAP (Global Art Project) | GAP in Rome 2021

GAP in Rome 2021 by GAP (Carl Heyward, Christopher Padgett, Helen Cohen, Maryse Pique, Elise Marshall, Naomi Shintai, Akiko Suzuki, William Jaggers, Massimo Nota)        …

Stern | Works

Works by Lina Stern  

Calandriello | AA9MXE00TJOL

AA9MXE00TJOL by Giuseppe Calandriello   Synopsys: Asemic cinema is non-communication form that uses language outside the traditional rules of syntax. Asemic cinema determines a void of meaning which…

Astolfi | Mai successo prima

Mai successo prima by Andrea Astolfi   mai successo prima_andrea astolfi Fondaco Scalone, Largo Forcella 8, Atri 16/07/2021 – 23/07/2021   to Federica     mai successo prima…

Astolfi | asemic haiku diary week

asemic haiku diary week by Andrea Astolfi  

Astolfi | Arabesco

Arabesco by Andrea Astolfi  

Astolfi | a/live asemic action

a/live asemic action by Andrea Astolfi   Azione di digital asemic writing, realizzata in live, trasmessa a distanza attraverso lo screen sharing e videoproiettata all’imbrunire del 3 settembre…

MironTee | Asemic notes

Asemic notes by MironTee  

Bugli | Bip and Bop

Bip and Bop  by Carlo Bugli  

Kingston-Lee | Euphoric Essays

Euphoric Essays by Beth Kingston-Lee  

Leftwich | tap eh air andt rash

tap eh air andt rash by Jim Leftwich  

Rubimasco | Raccolta del pellegrino (estratti)

Raccolta del pellegrino (estratti) by Rubimasco  

Colella | Scritture

Scritture by Angelo Nge Colella      

Bechtel | Works

Works by Brent Bechtel

Jacobson-Kingston Lee | Michael Jacobson Interview by Beth Kingston-Lee

    Michael Jacobson Interview by Beth Kingston-Lee Beth: I’ve read some of your interviews, and I’m really interested in your thoughts around the autobiographical (or not) nature…

Venitucci | Anni Ottanta: Opere

    Anni Ottanta: Opere by Luca Venitucci    

Chapman | Dead End – asemic streets, photographs

    Dead End – asemic streets, photographs by Cecelia Chapman  

King | Works

    Works by Michelle King  

Bery | Densités – son et silence

    Densités – son et silence by May Bery  

Bagato | Works

    Works by Jeff Bagato    

Nelson | Asemic Pwoermds

    Asemic Pwoermds by Stephen Nelson  


    AHAHAHAHAHAH! by Andrea Astolfi  

Astolfi | Domani il tempo libero

    Domani il tempo libero by Andrea Astolfi  

Boschi | Grafie contemporanee

  Grafie contemporanee by Anna Boschi  

Ennoson | Asemic

    Asemic by Onno Ennoson  

Del Coco | Scritture vuote

    Scritture vuote by Benedetta Del Coco    

Penn | Asemic writing. Mediating the Liminal Space

Asemic WritingMediating the Liminal Spaceby Cheryl Penn This short article came about as a result of unpacking a philosophical route based on the what, why and when process…

Gugliuzza | Equinozio. Tre sfumature

Equinozio. Tre sfumatureby Nicolò Gugliuzza

Stella | Ultime notizie

Ultime notizieby Martina Stella Site specific, ephemeral installation, October 202032 Drawings from the series Ultime notizie, (Latests news), Prima, seconda e terza pagina,Photography: Asemic writing newspapers temporarily affixed…

Bennett-Crouch | Works

Worksby John M. Bennett and Jeff Crouch