Asemic writing: Open call
by Francesco Aprile and Nico Vassilakis


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The widespread information has transformed time into space, the permanent connection bring us to a rarefaction of bodies. We are all trapped by the media and the technological devices and we end up spending our free time to control the others by smartphone, social networks, drone ecc., of course, by keeping them at a distance. At the same time, the action based on a gesture is coming back in art (action writing, relations between writing and performance, gesture in writing). Is it possible? why? Is this back to action in art a symptom or a cure?
What concepts can visual writings etc communicate to the world?
Would you consider contemporary visual writing etc a useful manipulation of existing language or a glimpse into a future language event?
In your opinion, what will it take for visual writing etc to be taken seriously enough to generate thoughtful and readable criticism/reviews?
We have seen a marked uptick in the recent production of visual writing etc. Do you think that digital sharing has a positive or negative affect on the work itself and why?
Do you use strategies before or while fashioning your own visual writing etc or is it an entirely spontaneous expression. Can you recount how that works for you?
Can you describe your initial or continuous fascination with visual writing etc.?
What would you consider to be the perfect representation of visual writing etc and why.
Is creating visual writing etc a direct response to existing text as we know it or are our surrounding texts suffocating us and are we attempting to rewrite our environment?
Our interactions with machines has created a divide. Are the latest attempts at visual writing etc a symptom or a cure?

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