by Mark Young


Corflute City


She checked the batteries on her
taperecorder. Occasional birds

flew by, replicating the passing
of the seasons, but more mono-

chrome than the originals. Most
of the shops on the esplanade

had closed early. Only the vas-
cular surgeon was still awake.


DNA / has been / tempting for scientists


We had initially installed
CSQA on a sub domain
for testing purposes. I’d
never had any issue with
confronting an encounter
or running a game. Up un-
til now. This idea of using
fertility to provide ping for

any desperately needed edit
is to condone that trauma-
tizing conceived by show-biz
&/or sporting celebs. Of whom
there are always large numb-
ers up north this time of year.


travelogue: The Greek Isles

blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea
blue sea blue sea blue sky blue sea blue sea blue sea
blue sky blue sky hillside blue sky blue sea blue sky
blue sea blue sky blue sky villages blue sky blue sky
blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sky
blue sky blue sea villages tavernas blue sky blue sea
blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sea
blue sea blue sea blue sea blue sky tourists blue sea


Aeschylus died


Viking women, decked out
in their ceremonial
finery — apron dresses
adorned with bead strings or
chain — would stroll the

village in pairs & groups,
singing & dancing, &
slyly hiding their eyes
behind two-tone ace-
tate aviator sunglasses.


it can be fabulous


                       It’s a strategy as old as

              licorice or the schoolyard.


              Weaving a man’s mojo in

                       pvc gives ladyboys the


                       biggest boost in replacing

              their testosterone with tiaras.


reports underline a suspicion


I have noted the environ-
mental info contained in
the metadata of the healthy
menu options organization,
among the most extensively
studied & reported on of
any regulated industry. It
confirms that burials per-
formed by military person-
nel may be safe & efficient
but are very rarely dignified.


centralizing the conversation


Just revealed case studies of
transversal coordination in a
meerkat-machine collaborative
clandestine airlift operation

expose just how severe the loss
of higher education institutions
in Mexico actually was, & how

that placed indigenous groups
into vulnerable circumstances.


from the Chinese


Now that the meerkat
has discovered man buns
& hillbilly music, the
Imperial Palace has

directed all local magi-
strates to remove it
from the protected
species lists & gazette

an open season on the
animal, covering at least
the first two months
of the coming summer.


At / Home with / the Arrowroot Tapestry


Tapioca roots inhabit the pit-

falls of disconnect. Solace is at

a premium — only the poor can

afford to let it go. Now scholarly

essays inspect our grammar &

report back to the groundwater

bureau who decide whether we

sink or swim or are allowed to


enter the gig economy as a pub-

lic scribe. The military band is

marching back down the street, so

the funeral has run its race; but un-

til I hold the winding-cloth in my

hands I won’t be entirely certain.


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