by Mark Young


Five sequential headlines to open October


Rodrigo Duterte, citing Hitler, says he wants to kill 3 million addicts in Philippines

Yang Qingpei in China kills parents & 17 neighbors after an argument with his parents over money

Donald Trump accuses beauty queen & Miss Universe Alicia Machado of sex tape when she was on reality TV show The Farm

Intel hits the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week to show designer sunglasses

Aliens have been here ‘forever’



To name a movement after a human is to create a sect


In its latest round of Papal Bull, the Catholic Church has warned that scientists may currently have under development a version of your previously friendly next-door neighbor’s dog that prefers the flesh of young men to a standard diet of vitamins flavored with inorganic supplements.


Ensure that this output format will not change


I am almost embarrassed to admit how much I love Monster High. I heard about it through my boyfriend’s little sister, who collects the dolls. Following the example of the void Dwarf in Figure #1 means that no soft recovery is required to start the database.


Home building extends slow recovery


Regardless of what happens politically, if the government & the people want to move forward with us, we think there is a path that’s possible. It’s just going to take two to tango. The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) has confirmed the two deaths but would not reveal the identity or the circumstances of the latest death. “We have strong evidence to say that a firearm was produced & at least one shot from the gun has struck the gentleman driver in the side of the head. People need to be very vigilant, they need to remain vigilant, & they need to remain informed & stay alert.”


pintail ducks


The problem when attributing relevance

to a monochrome of the city of Alma

is that its female torso is contained

within the melting pot of Scanpan

ergonomic cookware, & you just want

to play a game from your distant past.



time team


You could search among

the various hypotheses

& decide—

even if



this process can be driven by

intercourse between two factories.


postilion entropy


Rubato is a mathematical concept
with different cost functions,
a community-based family support initiative.
This is not a complete list of side effects.
It is a trap.
A wall gropes open.
The protagonist is corrupted.
Sylvester was very clouded over
with a vanilla bean head.


what remains when

you sell as a “lifestyle”

a region of space,

an object,

something interesting in

some scientific magazine,

that which refutes western

ethical views & behavior,

a constant, uniform,

magnetic field,

an algebraic

system of geometric shapes,

a notion of morpho-

logical stylistics?


Quick! before the stream dries up completely




















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