by Niko Vassilakis


a wobble in the eye, the idea of letters, a malfunctioning language, ribbons of defect, amended and converted alphabet, symbology borne happenstance, international communiques, glitch-driven logic, disintegration bop, associative swarm, visual obfuscation, undermined text, a text broken and misspelled, subverted markings, line drawings vs corrupted font, an igloo, a cave, a backyard shed covered with indelible and unreadable campaign posters, an asemic genius, they say that cadence directs the eye, twirl encountered whirls, a billboard of looking disease, the askance ghost of seeing, peripheral jargon, the great coming together, varied motifs make for married motives, the vispo of intuition, absorption song, a score in the mirror and torn in half, the cacographic remnant in the lower right corner, divine scribble, religious jotting, the euphoria of the unlocatable, signs derived from signs, the unknowable, the collision of sight and sound, wild retinal distraction, suffer new means, nude meaning, applied alien templates, writing seeing, grapheme grenades, this overall phonic view, eloquent decay, future language event at hand, dissolution of context, the transmogrified letter, a reductive scheme, compulsive scrawl, this claustrophobic hyper-focus leading to the collapse of familiar environments, inked insect love, untreatable and infected print, melted typewriting in a pool on the floor, choreographed signature, a hand autograph, a dizzying keyboard finger, the whole respelling of pictographs, an undiagnosable calligraphy, staring at the center of your favored letter, undownloadable formula, relentless cascade

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