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D’Barros | Works

Works by Tchello D’Barros    

Atkins | Works

Works by Siobhan Atkins  

Augustin | Works

Works by Michael Augustin

Christensen | Works

Works by Kent Christensen  

Bjerg | Works

Works by Johannes S. H. Bjerg  

Bennett-Kostelanetz | Prose poems

Prose poems by John M. Bennett and Richard Kostelanetz      

Bennett | Poems

Poems by John M. Bennett br eath shot a w wind hand fauce t hábrete lah bhoca pique nique should swell should fork sh ould nasal tentacularity or…

Allam-Bennett | Checkered Tablecloth

Checkered Tablecloth by Stacey Allam and John M. Bennett   The tip of the rattled gaga that it didn’t take away was the pocket full of screwdrivers with…

Bennett-Leftwich | Poems

Poems by John M. Bennett and Jim Leftwitch

Bennett-Cassidy | Works

Works by John M. Bennett and Tom Cassidy

Bennett | Visual poems

Visual poems by John M. Bennett

Young | Visual poems

Visual poems by Mark Young  

Young | Poems

Poems by Mark Young

St. Thomasino | Poems

Poems by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino   Thinking 1. A fainting of the mind an unexpected smile is giving round to open doors thinking it manners and being…

Chirot | Screaming wall

Screaming wall by David Chirot

Bíró‎ | Illusion

Illusion by József Bíró‎ 

Whens | A long line

A long line by Marko Whens A Long Line by Marko Whens from utsanga magazine on Vimeo.  

Aprile | Works

Works by Francesco Aprile  

Di Tommaso | Roar of the sea

Roar of the sea by Emmanuel Di Tommaso   ispirata al libro “Landlessness” di Alberto Vitacchio