by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino




A fainting of the mind
an unexpected smile

is giving round to open doors
thinking it manners

and being square
to the tying on of knots

saying, this is fighting shy
this is a case of open doors

this is the cat and the bird
and the open door

this is smoke, how
what rises, and disappears

say, if any given A
should be, now, here, now, there.


this is the undreamt of
the order made explicit

a, want of thought.
in haste, or, want of thought.

this is by name, and this, by sight
this is by day, and this, by night.

the lictor’s rod is giving airs againe
is making book

these are his remains,
a company of seeds

the mica glitter in sand
the aftertaste of peels

the might in hand, the might in eye
the shoulder to the wheel.

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