The Art of Almandrade
by Luiz Rosemberg Filho

Almandrade’s works centre on the cooling down of the ecstatic gaze. Not the gaze fixed on what it was, but on what it is. He interprets the icy space of the city. Architect, theorist, poet and artist, Almandrade meditates on pleasure. His time is different, and so is his space. His work is not set on a single track, which undermines the notion of a monolithic creative impulse.

Using very few elements, he re-examines the process of creation, thus endowing his work with a self-reflective quality. His cold and disconnected images ponder on the diversity of being; being conceived as sensibility, and sensibility as an element of transgression. The ambiguity present in his work is perhaps more clearly seen in the desire for immobility. Fantasy, then, is produced through the perpetual annihilation of the will. The fragmented nature of ecstasy is what keeps perversion at bay.Almandrade and his objects drift untiringly, transmitting a vivid feeling of time not passing. And at that point, instead of pain we find reason.

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