From Six Months Aint No Sentence, Book 128
by Jim Leftwich

||||| ||||||
the mole
cular speaking
and wit
h is
O wide
sp want
warfare read
At existence
paying l
ant English
sentiments ic
we jaw
||||| ||||||
aves the
speaking f
or melancholy
is t
he O
want gas
tric warfare
existence week
end playing
bloody a
cad these
em jaw
||||| ||||||
the y
up sparkling
melancholy on
rose government
unworthy t
here clip
eternal b
are eternal
worth let
tuce Hell
sentiments sym
me jaw
||||| ||||||
try want
O in
ten is
melancholy ded
like speaking
the ly
b warfare
existence light
tack well
Hell le
box unworthy
jaw preliminary
||||| ||||||
stork price
as may
have melancholy
government n
read how
want out
put eternal
is t
heir price
Hell 20
T these
jaw at
||||| ||||||
jaw te
red how
then Au
gust is
prefer of
hu eternal
the mane,
t peaking
and hen
be O
came dye
||||| ||||||
play want
frater ing-in
in there
as ch
volunteer Irishman
is s
there blackthorn
warfare for
e say
the bleach
ptero again
howl dactyl
self-destruction on
||||| ||||||
clip two
step Perdurabo
government s
of p as
an age,
ant existence
thorn hum
id eternal
say ity
relic is
it ceil
in unworthy
jaw gs
||||| ||||||
West the
speaking Virgin
ia melancholy
there car,
rots frater
want nest/karst
e jaw
sentiments den
c English
praying up
salt existence
warfare f
it blackthorn
||||| ||||||
80 o
rig key
lack in
al the
sparkling Car
rib melancholy
government be
an perturbed
want c
on jaw
are trols
pl with
worth us
h price
eternal width
||||| ||||||
kit price
as chen
religi melancholy
there on
tr fragrant
ant aces
a the
these b
it the
well kin
g warfare
warfare of
s blackthorn
||||| ||||||
is car
f an
as f
old a
how ch
art jaw
how coal
e then
existence as
y Irishman
warfare tv
t existence
||||| ||||||
warfare high
tang prefer
existence bib
le then
how be
et jaw
these spin
ning Hell
well moon,
wait eternal
warfare ers
||||| ||||||
cell clip
O os
hi there
melancholy ve
in speaking
price th
e existence
say Unit
ed existence
Hell Ju
ice against
these St
amp, jaw
||||| ||||||
the t
rap how
then dicti
on so existence
say me
s eternal
mote thorn
||||| ||||||

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