excerpt from “MAR,” from Chiaroscuro
Volume I, The Siphonic Series  

by Irene Koronas


clasp an earshot aint cause
her tire wheels a pseudonym
when rain soaks our shoes

an impeccable chaffinch
lacquers a penitent conscience
unpacks a traghetto

the salotto gar eradications
the fever trap congregates
the rural proletariat moisture

from a hermitage we arrive
cataclysm from a winepress
we rush down gutter and photo

ourlives in punctual luggage
behind a leaded watershed
we noise ourselves

face to face a transparent crement
or skein the 1859 petroleum discover
the pencil we cruise beside a porpoise

undulance for carbon
leviathan all eyes fishhook
strategy the moment gertrude marries

proust becomes equilibrium
parting her hair with brush
clarity however joints us

we may not have been
about talk about anxiousness
a horizontal ballerina

who had had us in her
leather shorts on birdlime parsifal lace
i am convinced surrealists are euphoric

babies the aphrodisiacs excess
the antagonistic extract one yields
to an edible paranoia
polycleitus built his theoretical treatise
on the measurements our head conjects
duty to party against necrophilic detail
i enjoy everything about phoenixogy

if i create a helicopter then christ
from the cross will come back visual

he will parade and rotate
pipe cleans our flesh
i would crosscut prometheus

his passivity causes immunity
those thieving robots and vampires
on naughty news

the reluctant prone
pregnante beginnings with lovers
a minus forty engine

converge on the talmud
in immerse root dates dense
seraphim flick

his boat in open see
after him i cling onto grown up
limits part the channel asphodel reed

moses for constancy
the herbes i mark doder
that withers in flax

we overhead
against an absolute berceuse
moth wing light as ash as burnt paper

clones a doormat for felicity
will sleep in a tank by her entrance shod
in a modest and secluded violet

for some magnanimous purpose
we stick the wedge
into a buttecup between our lips

we rill an exism exasism exorcism

of of of of of the of of unnecessary of carries
a perverse search of monotonous lamentations
of an average ventriloquist fed by enematic quelle

with decisive insult jetee a la reverse
we dissolve tradition into a dot a paralysis

of ordinary rushe
of them must end
of of of the practice
of loss
of romance
of or parody compost

their fairground absorbs my view
a baseless fabric fades and recedes
into the tempest wind it chains

sufferettes whose weight lugs a priest
who visits the precipice
the cypriot prophesy

compels us to get an intermediary
and unchoke the canal so we can
conclude the odyssey and the sirens

escape unbroken in yellow water
emissaries will clown the old dandy
with extreme corruption his bosom simp

his vastric perfection grows from tates
ignoring ersatz felt reputation
he will mandrake
his fallow genitals
in a quackery
magic fur ball devotion
the bottom of his feet are
constant in their stamp
curiosity in attraction

i talk to him about his pull tenacity
shaken by a peacock curator shrill
what is driven at the same definition
may transume knowledge
in fitted knocks and turns
a knobit opens
an oculist silhouette
i carry the man

who curates godork
for a few weeks

he becomes
the greatest
american lecdude

on a three strand
necklace the size

cherries give a greekish
fall from condowits
consider this a few

witnesses crock with
a retrospect bound

by closet rhetoric
his tawdry steam
flexes and pops

nudity in leu
a denim region
a sodome fanatic

elk snag tooth and cuss
gong your trousers

creep up the dystopian
mind he clock spat
and bullet nose locomo

or arpnip fasteners
with frontier static drip

an alcoholic wall
a crash course on how
to unwrap syntax

her proclivity
for ethereal blot

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