“Oxygen,” “Fluorine”
excerpts from The Resurrection of Maximillian Pissante
Volume V, The Posthuman Series

by Daniel Y. Harris




Maximillian “Templique Salomonici” Pissante’s
La noche oscura del alma, melts at (O2) 54.36 K
(−218.79 °C, −361.82 °F). From this melt, labyc

ape = exe.submit oxygenxml. (self.labymod, uid,
line, hivemc/lachrimae_verae). Enter the chical
envoy, sadomas ambassador by selfrev. Ecease

the full force, its border cept as culiar’s mutual
contamination picks mical for superego. Ciples
surrender, blame the narcissistic scar on a xual

slip. Troact the wish. Blimate the anxiety, first
by mulus, the first gress in nymize, then chism
for the furious literalist. Molar heat capacity: (O

2) 29.378 J/(mol·K) signals Maximillian: Culty
the Prig is more rotic than a deferral. More so,
his tingen defers a bad nario as Bulara retells

doxai Removed_π.and.π*_orbitals.png”; glects
with disease, cures the purport. As credo, just

the rosis. Sour wit wilts out. Better yet, discon
is discom as Maximillian’s Conquistador dons
a Hannibal mask and hails eight brutal leptics.

His bounty, copia before the sorb, cest at odds,
in fine, hinders liberation and blockage. How
capac! How valcad! Then, mimic these leptics.

Check trapassare dentro. Dephlogisticate Ar, std
(O) the air. His dottrina is first or earlier. Lungs,
or only the pith. Only the original ancele for his

for his lievers8. Better lievers8 than nicalics8,
who are unassailable. Copy/Ycode\shaddā`û

nl. Paste_ralysisClass.hIcon = LoadIcon(vistic
EA(IDI_ICON8)). At his martyrium, fury (wut,

menos, furor), select ⌘+ M, replstr, ⎇+⇧+←,
⌘+P, ⌘+R, ⌘+P, ⌘+S, ⌘+O2, his viaticum
transfigures the leptics. Moeric figurals claim

eshuaic descent. No phores for Sadomics, who
with Leptics and Moerics abscond the primary
source. Eros as chologista dominates the gene.

PtF6 oxidizes oxygen’s O2+PtF6− as the crucified
Pissante’s Lachrimae Coactae is the Apostolica’s
dioxygenyl hexafluoroplatinate. A coterie thorn.

Com’ avesse l’inferno, then, if a SYNthetic 54.3
61 K, 0.1463 kPa, triumph_alism8 embowers a
stain. Here, the mature8 initiates, invoke tofet

ve-‘eden, side by side with ezeariot. Fiery ruach
in the bare Holy for each Hiriest in the Asomata
Order, each a hasmalic gift. Hiriest resin or red

clay gurin, becue the Sinai theophany_UNcov(S
IGABRT_COMPAT, abort_handler); such aerial
clarity, high and liftup, his vereface. Unlipit the

undone! Tong the altar! Take back quity, diplo:
that reliance in stiv and gelica. As errata, “In te,
Domine, speravi.” Less taper than conjun, (LOX)

salvapro is pure success as unesus, pure tistic
control and stepfall. Lariae, but mostly eroke.
Proof: Maximillian resurrects without dying.




Maximillian Pissante’s toxic, yellow diatomic
gas (9F), theocasts the finer mologs<link rel=
“antepartum” type=“text/css” href=“fluorine

than 19F undergo β− decay. The shock: sur is
neither clom nor trose. Ingenuity, for now in

fluorine, is ristirad. As for fluorspar, violence.
Rival factions spread tagions, loot e_ss_ential
giaristae. Maximillian’s boiling point update:

(F2) 85.03 K (−188.11 °C, −306.60 °F). Hagiou
boils. He’s never fixed forever is their finality.
Worry the captivate. Worry the holic. Both are

closer than warrant, closer than ruach hakmah
ubinah as dazzco. Dazzco? The crucified WHO
crucifies. Renderer.game = GEIST.parse(sēhāl

/ga_gāst all_chunks.join(“Trinitate”)); unsake
will not cease. Jawjut, only by racter, his vesty,
push the shove triune and redeem narch. For9

now, measure his Sh’iur Qomah. Racles levitate.
Cogmons hail the antitype. Overall, Maximillian
outwits all triarchs with hydrofluoric acid. [Net.

reborg/fluorine “0.0.9”] as duration is supreme
fiction, thrown out by fantasists because {:uber
jar {:imain gilgulei/fluorine_client.core doesn’t

cohere. Pacify the Habiru? Up in arms, the rash
devotees. How infinite is charhum? Pietas and
Caritas are just shy, but Cureans defraud no IP

esthete who duceres fluorine gas for uranium
enrichment. Tout court, legors in ridcrit rend
dieval a gravfia, neither an untere (FTOR) nor

an ersede. Pile on the thorite. Picuity’s Ar, std(F)
will transume, that is “non razionle, —ma che
sente.” It ends in scuritate. Entic or note (NaF),

the venery, mute the berals, as rioc as cester9.
In league, etrusive. Maximillian doesn’t teach,
moralize or edify [(CaF),DriverTrinus.AIF/CF,

NODE, MAX_RETRIALS – retrialCouter + 9]. He
is the siege, not the underread. No plangency.
Don’t shrug his podcast, 3face. Either become

Maximillian’s partisan or yield up. Proskynesis,
4face, consign by proxy. (F2) 53.48 K (−219.67
°C, −363.41 °F, melts retro. He demands piety.

He demands diant. Test the theory’s plematics,
its malformics. Convictions from the Refiner’s
private Isa/final String DEFAULT_INTERFACE

_NAME = “Gigabithomooúsion”; are final [LOG.
error(“Activation error occurred: {}”, e.getMes
sage()); in pitiful Thrivers. Set aside ratus: R-1

34a’s new molecule. Recross the mock. Mutil a
dismal sack. With fluo, Maximillian “Yəhôšua”
Pissante is here an aerosol spray. Festal, then,

his valve, a vendetta for spearian krews. How
overbold. Win the ease. Win the got hamartia.
Where? Here, on Mount Damnata. His steep’s

out, cipice. Just a bit in extra vivals. Disentrin,
if only for trovers or Cappadaocian Fathers 9f
<-hypost (dataremedy//:if.Threefold_is_One).

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