About “Nico Vassilakis: Twelve American Cities”
by Geof Huth, June 2020

The work in twelve parts is an explanation of layers in the context of
human churn:

  1. the physical being that is the city performed as a piece of earth
    representing the dehumanized view of a city as viewed from space;
  2. the physical space of the city inhabited by humanity as represented
    by the viral off-circles of “never sleeps” (thus, the conjoining of the
    physical–the landscape of a city as it is–with the human–their
    processes of moving of constant wakefulness of at least some all the
    time); and
  3. the slicing away of the city, that physical space, and the
    representation of humanity as unmoored, afloat in the darkness of
    space, without grounding or purpose but operating as if the ground that
    bore them, supported them, was actually meaningless to their sense as
    human beings in the active process of being alive.
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