Remix rampage
by Paul Hertz


Utsanga remix rampage
a project by Volodymyr Bilyk


I have remixed my image “The Sorcerer and His Magic,” based on a page from Levi-Strauss, with Kenryo Hara’s wonderful calligraphy “Window.”

I have remixed the two images in two different ways. One is a still image and the other is a JavaScript-driven animation. I hope you can use the animation. You could use the still image as a clickable link to the animation, which can be stored either on your server or on my server.

Hara’s image is on this page:
My image is here:
Here is the animation:
Here’s the remixed still image:

I’m attaching the still image. You can obtain the .zip file with all the necessary files here:, if you want it. GMail won’t let me send it to you as an attachment because of security restrictions. The directory with the code is self-contained and should run on just about any server–for sure on any server running Apache. It also runs in Processing 3.

I have timed the duration of the animation at 4:07 (a little over four minutes). Though the animation runs with a fixed rate, 24 fps, I suspect that there are some CPU dependencies that may cause this time to vary, particularly on mobile phones, where the animation sometimes has to be triggered by touching the screen.

With my fairly fast network connection the animation page loads quickly and then takes about 10 seconds to set up its resources. After that it runs a cyclic animation with 64 steps. Each step lasts a little less than 4 seconds. Each step advances with an animation and then briefly pauses. All the images contain the same pixels. I am just rearranging them by sliding them along a space-filling curve. This gives rise to some interesting symmetries, I think.

Currently the code stores its last state on the client side (if the client permits local storage, the default on most browsers), so if you relaunch it, it starts where it left off. This feature can easily be turned off if it seems better to begin with the same image, the still image, each time.


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