Transcription of events happened during my performance of John Cage’s 4’33
by Carla Hackenschmidt

Date: May 17th
Place: Roof of the apartment complex.
Time: 3:19

0:09 feel slight hollowness inside
0:26 audible gulp, belch, laugh
0:29 something’s cracking
0:33 footsteps, high heels, clunky sound
0:49 door opening – creak
0:57 door shut – loud pop
1:09 my jaws clench, it is cold up there
1:11 snap-hiss, no idea what it is
1:29 clicking nondescript
1:35 female voice “i know… i know… i know…”
1:42 spitting, slight splash
1:59 female says “oh” and laughs, then goes thunderous “mwah”
2:04 footsteps, two sets of high heels, door closed
2:18 me coughing
2:24 generator warble
2:39 someone is banging something with a hammer
2:46 schlik sound
2:51 nothing audible; void erupts in my ears
3:10 something’s stretching
3:19 footsteps
3:21 splash, continuing footsteps
3:28 male voice “hi!”
3:36 fan blowing
3:45 flying plane hum
3:58 someone’s cough
4:05 cackling, incomprehensive mumbling
4:12 someone’s clapping
4:29 someone’s trying to emulate machine gun charge by spitting
4:31 gagging and coughing

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