ABC – avantgarde-boot-camp
by Sylvia Egger


just a stormy whether in masked winter.

“your alias could be (farewell. gen. sg.) here. “
outranging from & to // proofessy standard.


after the instrumental turn. a pre-liqueur // let off steam PLEASE!
memorandum here: A – E – I – O – U // to run away. escape. isolate. bugger off. disappear


almost 20 years ago (2002) perspektive already glanced at the selvedge of the web. the project avantgarde_under_net_conditions tried to explore TEXT in the web from an avant-garde point of view. according to the slogan. anything is better than standing still twice. authors. net.artists and mechanical nomads were interviewed and asked about their understanding of avant-garde. the avant-garde – und response range was naturally broad as any border line: from convinced dadaists. to specialists in the avant-garde. up to those. who clearly favored a none-avant-gardeness. even if they obviously used avant-garde techniques. the reception in the german-speaking literary advanced // experimental literary field was quite clear: “as long as I have my TEXT in print. there are no (more) options available // necessary to me – who’s WEB?!” (regulated present tense – just keep schrubbing!).
ABC – avantgarde-boot-camp as a recognizable revival. was a much more difficult effort. to find something like a selvedge of the web. the possibilities to work with TEXT // code had expanded enormously in the meantime (vulgo: ubiquittung. -nom. pl. present tense. act.) and are now focusing more on single items (vulgo: code-halo. possible close matches: TEXTjoinery. illusive coding). of course. convinced dadaists can still be found. neo futurists and fluxus champions too (singular tantum – yes. exactly. like cold. snow and fruit spirit only work well in solitude). but most participants are using single avant-garde practices. depending on their knowledge. fasson. applicability & mirror ability on code // technology // algorithms (plural tantum – the opposite of loneliness is quite natural: feasibility. YOU SAY IT. an example may be therefor // amours // intrigues // merits). to a large extent the technical expertise determines. what is feasible. but also. what can be received & adopted by users // average audience registered (vulgo: code-TEXT-scissors – code and TEXT are just barking at one another // YOU STANDOFF COUGHER // YOU LOOPSMURF //).

“you saw me crying in the chat.
the tears I shed were tears of joy.“
nostalgic madley. YOU LOUSY PETER / LIESE / ZUSE!

in search of this limitation of TEXT the ABC project is still on its way. maybe the post-digital is still (not) a place for avant-gardes. but who knows that for sure!? in any case & any howdie. we have disclosed the results of our journey and that’s quite a starting point (CRACKERS ARE WELCOME PAGES). next to the evergreener of the manifest. that not only fights for other wor(l)ds (QUIT YOUR SMART SETS – IMMEDIATELY) with the help of TEXT avatars (fatal error // networker.mez // parataxia). media (translations) are carried out. which transform and overlap the TEXT several times (friedmann // herrmüller? // lale // mccabio17 // missingno.). error (ROUTINES AS MASHUPS) are used as natural TEXT resources (glitch) (googoog’joob // hab // salomé). TEXT is put through the algorithmic wringer (generative poetry) (apobrand // babel // esolanger // jakaorg /// merzmensch // missingauthor // LTX62 // luscious dick // obscurator)). TEXT is sometimes too much encoded (code poetry) or overstrained with standards (surface cleaning) (jpiringer // neofuturist // odanio). TEXT is visually lined up. sharpened and collaged by technology (VISPO / concrete poetry – astranaut // concretesage // czjne // hip kola // kern // mjellmë // nips // planet susannia) and above all. TEXT is transformed in a hit-and-run style experiment (agon’s lithic cornea I + II // bil sabab // iandroid du m’egeaux // jan ewa // kenjsterf// hrm // literalex // tom de toys).

” I took my troubles down the TEXT spoon.
tellin’ little mottles of TEXT potion number 9“
the dadasophin unwinds again && laughs herself QWERTY

TEXT to be continued // something that can’t happen // as DEAD_CODE_TEXTnot yet configured // AFCT == “away from codeTEXT” == to change the TEXT the hard way OR just be smoothie. 🤪
perspektive ABC project online:
perspektive ABC project in print:
perspektive – magazine for contemporary literature:
cutout form the introduction to ABC project (ugly customer translation && some mean revisions – just MIND the TEXT curbs – come on – just find some nice HELLO WORDS!!!)

ABC – avantgarde-boot-camp.

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