eenrolls sogdoa peyee oeaoo oeothee
by Volodymyr Bilyk


Note: the piece is in medias res retelling of the passionate feeling that went through the theseus ship treatment – gradually every bit of it got replaced with something else until it became something else entirely. Along the way it also eroded and after a while the words had disintegrated into barely comprehensible ruins. the resulting text conceals the remnants in a mystery.
V. B.

eenrolls sogdoa peyee oeaoo oeothee
as! i! ssss g e o dea
oar tra sia e oio ii`
ve s!o one poe
sto g ewo oo i es the as eso t e
sol goat ea e a bo e` a psaie t!se a r!
eiilac.s eaksooes! e esu

e! pewra (en(oiloquiaii!( e t es epherdo so oea
he o e mo ta! nst e! )ea s! gsask wide gi eess
oe obscur! i’li e s an!li a
sh` oil catfis an o o pussy! sh! — a— fa befo
tarcoa mean cunning oralspoe glit

yoke ion. oe crude oesca
esting boo ah. oo a oe a nealessess
oe ii s! galo goo oem i
esterda o esbro er of mine earso i!i’ e-e*
oe ie o t oea ua omic num e oemof end
oso se s of os oe ueas

t et ang iiatters goa!se —i!iaseenge!
oee gaieswea or ail ungus inde
so oea ieoftee santabs! eceeaes. beg seness!iiinfe
il ge horlgou on a d — yo ogo ongai geo
oem tp! morai oebas oaing eoeogh oed.
onic aia ra abop acao

oe io wha ighaeo oe sha o ard eis!

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