Vivisection project
by Tae Ateh / Karen Karnak / Dmitrii Antropov / Velimira Antropova

Vivisection OF writing and sound means dissection WITH writing and sound. Muteness and blindness of white sheet has been prepared with asemic writing. Asemic poetry has given birth to sound frequencies which cut indifference of white noise, and stillness, bloodstream in the ears and wire drone have been amalgamated together.


Asemic International

Tae Ateh – b. 1988, poet and asemic worker, member of Lipovy tsvet art group, creator and member of KYU literart band and Asemic International, partner DAMTP.  Participated in Alytus Biennale 2011 and 2013, Marginal art festival 7-31 March 2014 (Liminal Gallery, Roanoke, VA). Publications: “Cow’s Death” poem was published in Antipodes (11.11.11) and “Idiot” almanac (2012); Asemic translations project was published in “Translit” journal (May, 2011) and Antipodes (2011); poems were published in “Idiot” almanach (2006, 2011, 2012). In 2014 released a collection of poems “The Cow’s Death”. In 2012 graduated from Mogilev State University named after A.A. Kuleshov (specialty “russian philology”). In 2014 graduated from the magistracy of BSPU named after M. Tank (specialty “literary criticism”). Now is a graduate student of the first year at the department of russian and foreign literature (BSPU named after M. Tank). At present lives in Belarus, Minsk.

Karen Karnak – asemic worker, poet, non-artist. Born in 1985, in The Republic of Belarus, Mogilev. Location – Minsk. In 2008 graduated from the Belarusian-Russian University. From 2008 to 2010 worked as a master at the factory Mogilevkhimvolokno. Founder and participant of the group “Lipovy Tsvet” and Asemic International, partner of  DAMTP. Participated in Alytus Biennial 2011 and 2013 and in Marginal Arts Festival 7-31 March 2014 (Liminal Gallery, Roanoke, VA), in the exhibition “Four Corners” contemporary Art of Belarus 4-16 November 2014 (Luda Gallery, St. Petersburg)

Egalitarian creative association «ДВА»

Dmitrii Antropov – media artist, musician, art historian, author of articles on relation between technical object and artwork, asemic worker, participant of Asemic International. Makes sound and video-art for multimedia project “pasTIche”, which took part in many art festivals. Works in field of generative art and drawn sound. Lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Velimira Antropova – academic vocal, mezzo-soprano, art critiс. Writes music and texts for “pasTIche”. Participant of international music festivals. Curates exhibitions of Russian nonconformist art. Velimira is author of a lecture course “Problems of visual art language”. Lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

 Vivisection project: Asemic by Tae Ateh and Karen Karnak

Asemic gallery

Vivisektsia_pisma_i_zvuka_ver10 Vivisektsia_pisma_i_zvuka_ver11 Vivisektsia_pisma_i_zvuka_ver12


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