by Mark Young


It is a rate of mutation,
never in a free state,

occasionally terrestial
but found mainly

in fresh water. Eusocial,
living in colonies, one

fertile female & a
bunch of sterile workers

who’ve been plugged
with a rag as a wick. 


three speculative syllables & an / (un)related verb




(& now for the noun)



The trickle has turned into a flood 

I am using around 20 Java threads that run simultaneously.

The consequences of a hierarchical model are explored.

Dirty house music appreciates physical structure, mathematics,

science, & order.

The yellow flowers in this are marigolds.

Jack got hit by a car. 


Paraphrasing Virgil

An emotional prob-
lem. Looks like a pen
picking at the remnants

of a New York Strip.
She took a sip of
lemonade. The others

considered water with
an expiry date. The
wall clock had stopped.








The diving board lies flat on the ground.
The degree of difficulty is 0.1.
The judges’ scores: 1, 0.5, 0.5, 1, 0.5, 1.
Dropping the highest & lowest gives him a total score of
((2 x 0.5) + (2 x 1)) x 0.1 = 0.3.
He does the math in his head walking across to the shower.
Such skill with decimals.
He decides to go into arbitrage.



periods of hypoglycemia

In a truly conservative
approach, sunken cobble-
stones, with dirt thrown

or grass grown over them,
provide form & function.
The brain releases dopa-

mine; sugar alters the chem-
istry. Swahili agents move
inland in search of slaves.


Paraguayan cuisine is amazing!

An integrated tattoo
studio or a sophisticated

vehicle for delivering bacon
have similar ambiance

when it comes to small-
town graffiti & street art,

even when the town
has a cinema where

you can smoke hot
dogs & fry nostalgia.


The wine is often ruined

When you do the math
to form the lotus flower
on which the figure

stands, your venue options
are much more creative &
can be obtained without

sacrificing computational
accuracy & reliability, at
least in the rat cerebellum.


2 separate fights among women end in stabbings 

The fight against
: osteoporosis :
turned into
: an ambitious project that :

tried to examine the
: different ways in which :
French usage in the city
: had faded : significantly.


I like both colors 

As long as the army continues
to remain neutral & doesn’t
fire on civilians, jeans in 08
Black Cherry (Crimson) & 09 Sanguine
will have good stability
in heavy water when nuclear
fusion becomes commonplace.


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