by Mark Young




After the inserts

were all in place

she fell asleep in


a dodecahedral

envelope. Summer

bounded by like an


holographic ante-

lope. Grass fell. It

burned her eyes.






We’re chomping at the bit.

Have glimpsed some

kind of killer alligators &


hurricanes in nostalgia-

baiting cameos. You DO

have a current robot file


to work out if it actually

is a cypher? Without it, “no

information is available


for this page” will display,

& speculation over the next

season can only carry on.





Total energy narrowly circum-

scribes. Creates frontiers &

borders. Characterized by the

need to have an entire body

of knowledge devoted to it.


Embodied energy goes any-

where, with anything. Never

goes out of style except within

the environs of the Leichen-

haus, the Hospital for the Dead.




Instead it aims to improve


the policy of :

a product of :

anything to do with the hunt


ranges of :

in addition to :

throughout the vehicle


the parts that :

the content of :

see & seen been can.



Throw the fish

into a tubular

barrel & view


your local

weather radar

without being


hounded for it.






I have exchanged the

kaffeeklatsch franchise

for the Library. Am


now surrounded by a

greater range of words, but

it doesn’t seem to help me.




Tracking the descent


Men on this site preach the red 
pill. Photos of guys who lose 

control are venerated. Thus, the 
seemingly simple bench press 

you do in the gym may actually be
much riskier for your cat or dog 

than traveling as check-in baggage 
in a ventilated part of the aircraft.





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