by Mark Young

from 1750 words



Clear as it may seem to be

men do not shape destiny. 

Move in then, reset the paradoxes.

They seem to have stopped working.

In the case of the closure of an entity

there are no products matching the selection.


Is, since it is either a sense of guilt

  1. Simply to engage in a distinctive


& familiar


way in which

expressed behavior has faded &


information leaked away in order

to grow low-impact herbs.


Su Shi, a famous Song Dynasty poet, said, ” It is a return to the time before time, & historical timelines with inaccurate calendars can have significant impact without adding unreasonably to your costs.”




from 1750 words




: a list of edible grains

: for indigenous communities

sorghum, rye, barley, wheat, oats, rape, maize, millet, rice, triticale

He goes outside for a cigarette.

He meets: a new minimum non-smoking standard for public places


When will the sketches of Spain be done?

He meets: the creation of a new landscape

that should have been kept in a cupboard:

: imperialist representations of gendered & racialized social class

: featuring a textured metallic white dial with silver-tone detail

Fighter jet above

Orange grevillea below

: it is a sea change from Brooklyn


from 1750 words




Occasionally when my 6 file

is composed of a straight


               & has access to a

disconnect that is geared

towards (Fidel Castro)


I put together a perceived

declaration of political intent.


It’s a :

+ One redemption,

with a wide range of applications,


set up by an

African expatriate in Mumbai

who has teamwork problems.


from 1750 words


#4 (storage houses)


personal time has been one of Parker’s

mainstay lines for over a decade


: is familiar, is imaginative :

: is a way to put interest rates on hold :


: is shown passing through a cupboard

to become the lotus flower that

(Yukio Mishima) writes about.


from 1750 words




A complete system for logical operations

is disproportionately large, driving it

from crisis to crisis. Death is / not the end


of true velocity / does not simply describe

& explain nature (Werner Heisenberg).

Fire is the easiest way, is distinction. Land


is property, has escaped the fuel for self

control, has announced a new compound.

The largest indie bookshop is now silent.




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