by Mark Young

the Knitting Central Sock Club


The disarray was as I

had remembered it. Cables

everywhere, a mottled

black bag as stand-in for

the black flag of anarchy.


I designed this pattern for

inaugural demonstrations

involving several protest

groups. Social disorder

as a procedural device.



Nouvelle not so vague


A dead bird on the

beach. The Wurlitzer


kicks in, too far out

to sea for anyone to


see it. Dogs walk their

previous owners in


scenes reminiscent of

L’Année dernière à


Marienbad. Insularity is

a forgotten way of life.


ceramic cigarettes


The natural evolution of enter-

tainment is to render you

increasingly isolated.


When global warming is

commercialized, the smart-

phone is expected to

become burdensome.


Unplug your Flat Screen TV

from the white picket fence

before you begin.


Be skeptical of politics, the police,

the furnish of fiber pulp.


Think of a new car. Drive

it home from the dealer.

It’s now a used car.



Marduk had his first real swim today


Levi-Strauss’ answer was to

crowdsource a venture-capital


enterprise affiliated with the

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


which then approved about $400

billion in supplemental spending


for the thin horizontal pinkish-

purplish lines on my monitor.


Drought-tolerant, suitable for xeriscaping


Supermassive black holes at

the hearts of some galaxies are

the most fuel-efficient engines

since U.S. forces invaded Iraq

in March 2003. Teens whose


iPods are full of music with

raunchy, sexual lyrics derived

from psychic conversion are the

next-best alternative. She cycled

to work, walked to the shops.



Still can’t figure out what to buy for that special someone?


Fashion designers be-

come inspired in those

first rigorous

conditioning workouts


when they’re called

upon to coil a

rope on the ground &

within its confines re-


place the structure

of several named Hindu

deities with a mixture of

spinach, raisins, & lean beef.


Esoteric criteria


What turns your crank? Revs

your engine? Gets you going?

I love—used to love—painting

glass. Then I found you could

download ebooks by Mark Young

for FREE! Including “How to con-

vert your post lantern gaslight

to electric.” Realized absolute


moral privilege was flexible,

scalable, & cost effective. Now I

seek to find how much physical

activity inside a Nags Head

condo rental will appease the re-

spective bases in the primaries?



He began to write the first episode of a documentary series on serial killers.


In the Spring of 1997, which came after the Winter of 1997, which came after — depending on whether you dwelt in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere — the Fall of 1996 or the Autumn of 1997, which came after the Summer of 1996 or of 1997, which came after the Spring of 1996, which, no matter whether you dwelt in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, came exactly a year before the Spring of 1997, which came after the Winter of 1997…..




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