by Mark Young

The / Commissar Coughs / in Her Sleep

A Boolean value, either true
or false, is composed of
triangular faces. But it
needs an object, such as
a velour baker boy style
hat that rains down like
blows on the boy’s head, to
complete it. Without that, the
chances of survival are slim.

13 ways of looking at an ocelot

a slightly reflective helmet

Dependent claims are a subset of
appended claims, one of a plurality
of call responsive apparatus that
come in a plain white top with a
short brim to prevent snagging

Do not hang these frames above your bed

Get a good night’s sleep, eat
a full breakfast. Stay hydrated.
Receive our promotional emails.

Go into Santa Fe now & then.
Think about getting a tattoo.
Opt for overstated artwork. Go

for pinstripes or bolder patterns.
Be unafraid. Add some feminine
touches. You can never go wrong.

facing a school commute

She is frequently late for the
linguistic search engine. It’s

becoming a habit. Her study
of the Book of Proverbs inhibits

her intake of myrrh, aloes, cin-
namon & other jewelry, as well

as snack packets of LETTERS
biscuits. Where once she could

easily manage E A R L Y, now
she struggles to consume E A R.

Cointreau, anyone?

Serve appetizers in style!

Use pieces of citrus skin.

Place a small drinking straw in one end.

Insert the pith side of the skin into
a glass of some alcoholic beverage.

Colorants can be added.

Repeat until all variables can be controlled.

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on Pinterest.

geographies: Красноя́рск

The reality of any
dialogue on racism
has a Cyrillic subtitle
in one direction &, in
the other, an expensive
(but non-expansive)
protocol worked on for
over 17 years to allow
someone to be able to
act as spokesperson
for the State & clearly
repudiate increased risk
claims in any cases that
involve both piracy &
genetically modified anime

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