by Mark Young




Was drawn in

by the smell


of blue, the

sound of orange.


Taste is such

a tactile site.




Twenty-four possible permutations



is not

one. One is.







his pride

as if it were


the outer skin

of a sea



Five minutes passed with some lines of spam


Is it okay if we become

friendship? Space Shuttle

Disaster anniversary.


He had to eject but he

ejected safely. Some sort

of prank.The pasta sauce


is in the fridge. Is it

possible to stop using

drugs? Dial a nurse.


 from 1750 words #29


Big dams without navigation locks are
very sparse on our 12 acre property in
the foothills of Western North Carolina.

Levi-Strauss’ answer is practical: the idea that
members of a particular religious group are under
no obligation to obey the laws of ethics or morality

lies in a longitudinal direction & is composed of
an angular frame that lends the tender nude an
explosive force, a general boorishness. Not only

does it resist smog but, like the bricoleur, one
can use it as an opposition while accepting it as
a philosophical truth in many civil rights issues.




Now, after Time’s helix,
are these two / one &

the same? A spectre is
haunting Europe
 — Karl

Marx. A specter is haunt-
ing Texas
 — Fritz Leiber.


from 1750 words #32 (has been relentless.)



The acidity, the sweetness,
continue to be usually
set up in the early morning

have been

tough infantry from the frontier with Islam

After the Rolling Stone article was written:

Under no circumstances shall the End-user
be entitled to transfer to any other party
the typefaces &/or fonts.

All the invitations had been sent out,
the answers received.

Tags: manga, conga line, QAnon, anarchy.

the conqueror



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