by Mark Young

La Maggiore


Used in the game

means reading beads.


The standard photo

explores a literal nothing —


or does that apply

only to synthetics?


Cost accounting is considered to

be a part of parallel computation.


We had initially installed

Juji cigaritto as a subdomain


for testing purposes.

Gold restores the world.




Said, as at random.


The interaction between attractive

& a special social space is


determined by the number of

zeros there are in public education.



Inside an Instamatic


“When will I hear from you
again?” It took ten minutes.

“I wasn’t well enough prepared.”
She pushed her laptop away, went

out the door. Later she would spend
hours playing with her silly ponytail.

First, though, she placed her bag on
the pavement, took out the pocket air-

conditioner that the priest had given her.
“Life in the fast lane,” is what she thought.



 During one of my many


No more spending time

on public education — Photo-

search Stock Fotography &

Stock Footage will easily


help you find, in a funda-

mentally different way, the ideas

that are developed through

Derrida’s reading of Marx.



“nature/culture” as a tool



; during one of my many,

goal is

. of


: Once :

the is determined, the

: Once :

a step

& several falls

in recent years,


: Once :

increases of knowledge

available to all,

: Once :


Buy directly from the manufacturer


The entrance to the color-

ful sedan chair most widely

used during the Song Dynasty


is hidden inside a grid of vintage

TV screens. Cornering lights

provide a bit of extra backbeat.


: through a long window :


: realize :

in some

instances is

good; in




games of

the showcase


the so-called



are both


& the target

is diminishing


different / uses for / the materials provided


Taking up

little space until the

next time they

used them.



successful though idealized

approach to describe some




though, than tabula rasa

whose entries are mostly


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