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Sheumann | Two erasure sound poems

Two erasure sound poems by Mothra Sheumann

Neiva | Measuring tape

Measuring tape by Bruno Neiva

Bennett | Poems

Poems by John Bennett

Bennett | Five works

Five works by John Bennett

Farrah | Nine works

Nine works by George J. Farrah

Monet | Asemic

Asemic by Gwhiz Monet

Ortiz | Three works

Three works by Laura Ortiz

Basinski-O’Brien | Two works

Two works by Michael Basinski-Ginny O’Brien

Roderick | Exegesis of silver

Exegesis of silver by Sam Roderick

Bíró | Three works

Three works by József Bíró

Bono | Three works

Three works by Mary-Joan Bono

Barylo | Found page defamiliarized

Found page defamiliarized by Mykhas Barylo “I was working on an article about ukrainian baroque art – still haven’t finished it, but who cares, even i dont care….

Khmelnyk | Clouds

Clouds by Ihor Khmelnyk

Felix | Works

Works by David Felix

Dudko | Works

Works by Arhyp Dudko

Andreas | QR-Poems

QR-Poems by Agam Andreas

Gioffrè |The magic spiral

The magic spiral by Maria Luigia Gioffrè  A mathematical reading of the asemic work ESSE by Cristiano Caggiula through a deliberate adaptation of the correspondence with the professor…