Remix rampage: Emilio Villa’s Labirinto
by Roope Laine

Utsanga remix rampage
a project by Volodymyr Bilyk


I REMIXED: Emilio Villa’s Labirinto, foglio manoscritto, s.d. (anni ’80)

“This CanoScan 5600F acts as a psychopomp image scanner, suitable for our Age — its glass window perfect for scrying, Aleatoric scanning.
We work in the Operation Zone (OZ): artisanal changes, and digital reader data bends.
This is a Third Mind invocation. The Electronic Machine divination.
Electrical is the link between us: the artists, men and machines.
And we’re after the things hiding, and the act of remixing, lets us see these things emerge from within.
Meditations on the question: “Having eyes, see ye not?””
– Roope Laine, 29:VIII:2017ev, Helsinki, Finland


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