DISTANCE & NEARNESS bridges the gap of time space and distance in an exhibition created out of the International Frag Exchanges of members of GLOBAL ART PROJECT, a group of 75 working artists operating in 17 countries collaborating toward the creation of new works and opportunities within and outside of the traditional gallery-museum system in artist generated actions. 

Member Sandra Bastida originated the idea of DISTANCE & NEARNESS and is facilitating the organization of this exercise in Patagonia region of Argentina: 


House of Culture

Undersecretary of Culture of the Municipality of Puerto Madryn

Eliana Laino.

Street: Roque Saenz Peña 86

Postal Code: 9120

Puerto Madryn

CHUBUT, Argentina 

Carl Heyward USA

Ale Feijó Argentina

Mikel Frank USA

Nancy Perry USA

Helene Öfwerstown Suecia

Katheen Bertolucci USA

Phoenix Savage USA

Marino Rossetti Italia

Mar Daines Francia

Antoinette Ellis Williams USA

Tina Morris UK

Madelaine Wories USA

Collen Giantiempo USA

Linda Coppens España

Salma Arastu. Los Angeles USA

Michael Schemchuk USA

Tery Dryden USA

Lyn Arnlod USA

Glend Roger México

Akiko Suzuki USA

Usha SHukla India

Helen Cohen Usa

William Jaggers Usa

Isabel Ruiz Perdiguero España

Sandee Johnson USA

Jennifer Perlmutter USA

Sandra Bastida Argentina


Additionally GAP member Ale Feijo of Argentina will follow the exhibition in parallel in virtual format at @ale.feijo.artgallery on instagram 



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