Download the files, unzip the body bags
by Texas Fontanella

We’ve been here after               thoughts SWIM with me into the wet     congregate outside parliament she hacks       my hello

 exudes the broken laws         of composition

  to the tune Milton Friedman’s Paradise Cost       more than any paraffin kiss (a decision we make in

Eros, like we undress to the nines    (husband stitched up in one Swiftian emotion

Sickness is a consummate unprofessional         just act        natural

Selection      bias for action     movies trigger   happy in their hoodies on a fried

Day of our lies  I have to job      because the system cuts callings     tie       up my eyes we’ve contracted    life

Styles of the broke and ordinary      on the line we throw

Down our hearts so she can get       past the buzzer    the pub re

Organises itself      into the train    station love

Beyond your means       of production they say     we love in a crackdown

Anyway      you look    at it  and we’re gonna live    it up for the things we say – the economy’s in

Apathy don’t       believe the hope     it’s no match for me    muffled up and dying       larg-

Er then life turned around and said hi   there’s not really a point

If you don’t even try       the war criminals    their oil

Like their psychology   ©rude.    I don’t know who

 those parcels be for my pupils     and iris blink    separately       doomed

With a capital MtF        we breathe under

Worlds they sallow   our cheeks    second elderhood

But the youth we’re shooting      says there’s hell to prove I call you       you’re not sober   passed out on your four poster    snake in place of our choker    I skip    work I have a cool (like a cold, but doesn’t follow   rules like you, a prodigy

On the claret     actually        if I called you    beauty is truth

Would you lie with me?   Or just say it’s been John     donne b4?     You say you’re there for me

But an hour later         it’s the and

Of an aura      good riddance  I say   you’ll have the dimebag of your life      lines off the toilet       trained to put up the is

In nuance       too commie for blues,   but rhythm       sections me     state crossed     lovers wanted

Dead to each other    so I drink 

I’m in love potions     make me        kind of nervous tick       to say

So she     fell from earth but hocked

Her halo      she’d be a CEO if she didn’t get fined

the pay low     points at me       i’m deconstructed           away from u2

And a bit off         less than I can rue   thus I rap

Ture a couplet      put my feet up     in the air and sway with

 the breeze   way we both know ain’t    all their acid   like

I’m not a poet     I’m jest another cant starvaging reaking havoc     ironing out the ray davies

in my garrotte      knot


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