by Volodymyr Bilyk


merciless motionlessness
– explodes at once
for a moment of
incomprehensible volition
a dry spell – completely arid:
– forcing blush upon the cheeks.
there will be utter swelter of the void
at any moment now –
but elsewhere now
the unknown –
twister screeches
– a blast hole
haze – sneakily
the untimely perfection of a tear
withering unstoppably…
The star’s discordance.
a hesitation
– dashing the unflammable
windswept prance –
a cloud tied into a fuzzy knot:
it’s the creation of persistence
that moves like landslide
with this brazen rustling
– a fanged dust
in the wake of a terrible roar
playing melody
of foam shards
– heart’s wavy wrench
– a pitapat
a pang of shudder –
gesturing a ligature…
the volcano of the eye
got crumbled by the cheekbones
jumping up and down.

the round tatters
are catching up downwards –
wild mane lashes out of nowhere –

a burn:

the ripples reflection got lost on the other side
– eyelids play a trill
beads roll down the spine
rolling the bell’s tongue into an incessant drone:

the burst of the braid scythe –
light shrapnel’s dap
goes inside out
– whiplash with a skewed syncope

stuck like a cork in here –
a cloud stretches out into a thin vertical strip until it fully dissipates.

temple’s corner – thornі
crossed over –
a crack of speckles –
rendered into fringes
a roar by leaps and bounds
– ineffable:
thud –
echoing blaze with
a rattle of emptiness,
the sunset’s curl  
an unbent ray of light –
the ennui of the mountain inward deep
splits silence eerie:
the venom of the colourlessness rams in
to startle into paramount stiffness…..
untimely cackling of the stillness
lingering mute –
the writhing humdrum
crept in subtly
– despondency’s rush:
hollowed out to the bottom…
a moment later –
– triteness
chips the tooth’s edge
the rock with the laughter of a claw
drawing an eyelashes’ char –
heartbeat, struggling
thunder – tsk.
elsewhere – a tremor barely –
a squeeze, a whirlpool
– it’s getting ugly…


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