by Volodymyr Bilyk


This is a text made out of Ted Nelson’s interview from 1990. I’ve processed it through Markov Chains with high context dependence. The generated strings of text were ultra-short (up to 5 words) and later sequentially compiled into a poem. (V. B.)

mind? No, no. It’s different.

the computer will continue to be

The hero played by Bing Crosby

predicting the eclipse of the moon or the sun,

whatever it was

adding a billion documents a day


for a moment and then

an avid reader of Time magazine

wouldn’t have thought of them as numerical

And it’s the same way the irony want to occur,

and that sounds so simple

And you think okay it’ll just take a few steps

as an octopus

intrinsically inimical to exploration

cements more interesting and extremely disappointed instant

because the torrent and avalanches

ignore some of the fundamental issues

I mean I was surprised

indefinitely without slowing down substantially

this was the heart that

essentially had to be really playing ball

spearheaded with that sweeping look to define change

and elucidate buttons to push that wouldn’t crash

and really what’s happening was basically

a very rude thing

bamboozling tremendously impressive concatenation

trying to be suppressed on the alleged bottom line

looking cool leading to no idea at all

I just cried and cried

so fast that isn’t itself a solution

and then The notion

goes clickety-click

and proliferates so fast

it goes back and spells itself out loud

in some way that makes

the sense which influences what goes on happening

not start of a vast movement in a quicksand

Alas, too late.

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