the / mouth of / the wild beast
by Mark Young


الْحَمْرَاء‎, Al-Ḥamrā’— literally “the
red one” — is a streamlined
package specifically designed to
maximize your group’s poly-
chronic behavior by downloading
posters from the wild west on a
rapidshare search engine. The
associated vibrating movement

is supposed to get you in the right
frame of mind. The transforms
will solve all problems, compensate
for mayhem &/or a huge extended
hiatus. It is considered poor eti-
quette to lose one’s shit, but I did.



 the conqueror


    Jinan with dating qq group.
Few odd love people network.
    Real day Huaiyin city passers.
Between a sudden increase.
     Mostly Wulin Xia disabilities


The shadow of man
     is put up uncarved to sale.

Don’t interfere with anything.


Denoted as a

She was the first indigenous
woman to be nominated. My non-
phone hand clutched tightly at

my forehead. Frequency & wave-
length are so closely related. She
is going to start levitating soon.

Oscar noticed a flower for the
first time tonight. The Friday
night bonanza is under way.

The Columbia River Gorge Act of 1983

sop|. Fearing bans ts the w tod Rj
ver i wfM steelbead ma, th. a
lTyfhnhers tafaffe ami a a J B, JOHN
HARRISON ,’ v … quit” CallahaB
said. … 11, for anyone to fOe comments,
protests other motions with
FERC la Wasfaingt OC □ Offvciab …



The surface of the Earth is made from Bunsen burners, bench mats, matches, tongs, & wooden icy-pole sticks. As part of this premix, animals that died millions of years ago have been preserved & now travel in an orbit around the planet. Although confusing, these brightest stars are given the lowest magnitude.

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