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Kostelanetz | Testi da New Page

Testi da New Page by Richard Kostelanetz New Page is a literary movement founded by Francesco Saverio Dòdaro in 2009: https://newpageinstore.wordpress.com

Kostelanetz | Works

Works by Richard Kostelanetz *** Kostis Lovers (Part) *** Outward

Kostelanetz | Gibberish

GIBBERISH by Richard Kostelanetz   Dedicated to my colleague The poet Hjalmar Flax   Who once dismissed Google translations as “gibberish,” which he took to be dismissive, while…

Kostelanetz | Asemic writing

Asemic writing by Richard Kostelanetz

Kostelanetz | Five works from “Ouroboros”

Five works from “Ouroboros” by Richard Kostelanetz Kostelanetz R., Ouroboros, New York, NY Books, 2014 Copyright © 2014 by Richard Kostelanetz First Edition Set in Wide Latin Layout…


WHAT WAS “CONCEPTUAL WRITING”? by Richard Kostelanetz (© 2014) One of the curious cultural phenomena of our time is that radical epithets developed in the rather small audience…