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Federici | Zang Tomb Tomb

Zang Tomb Tomb by Federico Federici

Federici | Is asemic writing a zero-point writing?

Is asemic writing a zero-point writing? Asemic Draft in progress n.3 by Federico Federici   Asemic texts seem to constantly rely on the reader’s canny clairvoyance to disclose…

Federici | Poems

Poems by Federico Federici   Time in Four Movements

Federici | Asemic force microscope

Asemic force microscope by Federico Federici

Federici | Remix rampage: Berliner Variationen

Remix rampage: Berliner Variationen by Federico Federici Utsanga remix rampage a project by Volodymyr Bilyk Motivazione: Berliner Variationen nach “Four Works” is both an image-to-sound and an image-to-video…

Federici | Video

Video by Federico Federici

Federici | Calligraph and Seismograph

Calligraph and Seismograph by Federico Federici

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