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Emourgeon | About Sifat C’wat

About Sifat C’wat by Patrick Emourgeon

C’Wat | Works

Works by Sifat C’Wat

Curci | Works

Works by Vittorino Curci 1. Anni Settanta   2. No tag (Estratti)   3. Estratti da Kaffi Fanzine

Khosravians | Works

Works by Varoush Khosravians  

Federici | Asemic force microscope

Asemic force microscope by Federico Federici

Aprile | Asemic cinema ( II )

Asemic cinema ( II ) by Francesco Aprile   francesco aprile – asemic cinema ( II ) from utsanga magazine on Vimeo.

Archer | Ghost writintg

Ghost writing by Sacha Archer

Chapman | Works

Works by Cecelia Chapman

Burst | Asemic

Asemic  by Todd Burst

Nelson | Asemic

Asemic by Stephen Nelson

Baeten | Works

Works by Anneke Baeten

Mo Ku | Works

Works by Gwang Mo Ku

Paz | Works

Works by Hilda Paz

Koh | Works

Works by Michael Koh

Erbrecht | Works

Works by Vaclav Erbrecht

Aprile-Caggiula-Marullo | Modulazioni granulari

Modulazioni granulari by Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Egidio Marullo   ***  

Tsering | Works

Works by Kathup Tsering

Kostelanetz | Asemic writing

Asemic writing by Richard Kostelanetz

Baeten | Asemic

Asemic by Anneke Baeten http://ferretsinmyhead.com/

Kulemin | Fill in…

Fill in… by Edward Kulemin

Aprile | Abc asemic book

Abc asemic book by Francesco Aprile

Aprile | Asemic-glitch writing

Asemic-glitch writing by Francesco Aprile

Gonzalez Boix | Works

Works by Luis Gonzalez Boix

Midley | Works

Works by Miriam Midley

Ciavarra | Asemic

Asemic by Gennifer Ciavarra

Chapman | Endgame: 100 Worries, with four drawings, Wushu, Pono, Zugswang, and Indo.

Endgame: 100 Worries, with four drawings, Wushu, Pono, Zugswang, and Indo. by Cecelia Chapman

Mikayelyan | Zen

Zen by Grigor Mikayelyan    

Tae Ateh | “Organic” potencies of asemic writing

“Organic” potencies of asemic writing by Tae Ateh  Translated from Russian by Alina Liakhovskaya   The artistic system of coordinates did not always imply a presence of two…

Kiriako | Four works

Four works by Kimm Kiriako

Chapman | Six works

Six works by Cecelia Chapman

Aprile-Caggiula-Marullo | Performance

Performance by Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Egidio Marullo Performance, Arci Eutopia, Galatina (Le, Italy), 2016-12-25 ***

Kahle | Works

Works by Wolfang Kahle

Leal | Works

Works by Juan Agundez Leal

Césari | Four works

Four works by Mauro Césari

Boullier | Works

Works by Estelle Boullier

Farrell | Four works

Four works by Pam Farrell

Kaikkonen | Abstract comics

Abstract comics by Satu Kaikkonen

Kaikkonen | Asemic

Asemic by Satu Kaikkonen

Atkins | Two works

Two works by Siobhan Atkins

Delova | Five works

Five works by Zorica Delova

Wolf | Works

Works by Sinaida Wolf

Mayoora |Two works

Two works by Dona Mayoora  

Reznik | Short Anthology

Short Anthology by Mado Reznik

Moan Lisa | Asemic

Asemic by Moan Lisa

Aprile | Scritture sbagliate

Scritture sbagliate by Francesco Aprile

Gallego | Asemic

Asemic by Aure Gallego

Sherlock | Asemic

Asemic by Lucinda Sherlock

Bechtel | Three works

Three works by Brent Nathan Bechtel

Calatayud | Uselessnotes

Uselessnotes by Axel Calatayud

Bennett | Five works

Five works by John Bennett

Monet | Asemic

Asemic by Gwhiz Monet

Ortiz | Three works

Three works by Laura Ortiz

Felix | Works

Works by David Felix

Gioffrè |The magic spiral

The magic spiral by Maria Luigia Gioffrè  A mathematical reading of the asemic work ESSE by Cristiano Caggiula through a deliberate adaptation of the correspondence with the professor…

Gioffrè|Three works

Three works by Maria Luigia Gioffrè      

Sharafudinov&Gioffrè| A letter to my fancy

A letter to my fancy By Simona Sharafudinov and Maria Luigia Gioffrè  

Kulemin | Poems cash register

Poems cash register by Edward Kulemin  

Kulemin | Seven works

Seven works by Edward Kulemin  

Donnay | Six works

Six works by Adelin Donnay

Chapman | Works

Works by Cecilia Chapman

Federici | Video

Video by Federico Federici

Openshaw | Five works

Five works by Phil Openshaw