by Santiago Ortiz


I asked friends and family: what are the most important things in Life? I collected 32 words and went and searched for a data visualization project that represented each of them. https://moebio.com/research/lifeuniverse/

Hopscotch (Rayuela) is as iconic modernist novel that can be read in (at least) two ways: following the linear ordering of chapters, or following the author’s suggestion at the end of each chapter and jump to another one, following a numerical code. I visualized this alternative order. https://moebio.com/research/rayuela/

The Iliad involves three groups of characters: Gods, Acheans and Trojans, and through all its books different characters, belonging to these groups, take the scene. This visualization reveals part of the structure of this amazing tale, and in particular, how Achilles grows into it. https://moebio.com/iliad/

I was commissioned to create an interactive artwork for an art exhibition about AIDS. This image shows a surprising result that came out from a code error I made. The words come from the research I was making on the subject.

Wikipedia has pages for millenia, centuries and years. I crawled the contents of all these pages to analyze the flow of words, and created an explorative visualization: https://moebio.com/research/historywordsflow/

This image is an error. There should be text in there, but something happened and only the heatmap is visible. But I like because it does captures the texture, structure and rhythm of a text.

This image comes from a very old project, done with Adobe Flash, the predecessor of javascript (at least as a medium to create interaction for the web). The project no longer runs. The algorithm takes the words of a text and rearranges them according to their size, with the longest words closer to the central trunk or branches. Finally, a green thread recovers the original order of all the words.

I built an app (that I never published) where you can draw with text, using a sentence you write (as in the case of the image), a poem, a book…

This is a very old project, where people select a couple of words and write something inspired by the relation of the two words. Only this image survived.

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