Ascii code
by Daniel Y. Harris



ASCII code 48 = 0,” ASCII code 49 = 1” 

“ASCII code 50 = 2,” ASCII code 51 = 3” 

from The Misprision of Agon Hack

(Volume IV, The Posthuman Series)

Daniel Y. Harris



ASCII code 48 = 0 


Agon Hack’s gainsay shrinks wide—plagal. 

            Scrotum atra cura on the currentBabel



                        without rival. Gorescar’s  

                        élan vitale [sauflenom], cocks

                        its EQUAL AND OPPOSITE

                                   REACTIONS. O’s ribcage

            apostacy müüüüüüüds—skullshell. Begets

the scald’s Q !AH.yye1fxo ID: N/A >> 48 (No Title

/greatawakening/) 01.19.18 GMT+1: 06:20:58.


            Lowspine asteraceae in devices stem

                        from Panta Rhei. Its collapse fricative

                        directs increase. Cere shifts its

                        scaly folds. Try the systole

consecration’s FileUtils.install(“#{from}.bat”,

            File.join(target, “#{op_file}.bat”), :mode =>

                        0755, :preserve => true,

                        :verbose => true), rather

                        than the consensus. Peerage


begs for (0 kelvin or −273.15°C). Junctures fuse

            punk font. This proof output elides

                                   the medial comma. Far

                                   cruder, Agon’s a heroic

                        liberator—gravity by hip. Below,

            loops and a blot in blicals. SET


                        Program Files (x48)/pyilmbase/”):

                        flesh’s a benison. Back in the caul,

                        exhume a litmus, rapine in fur. Fascia’s

                                   illdye soils the symbol. Year

                                   zero’s ‘sphinx.ext.coverage’,


                        ‘sphinx.ext.ifconfig’—is Agon’s

                                               Vita Nuova.



ASCII code 49 = 1


Agon Hack’s honorrhoid, itself das Schwarzgerät,

[bijoujoux]—is glossa, lingua, langue, language.

Language is the pneuma hagion’s

            module.exports = require(‘./dist/

            zoid.frame’)—the gulf between noeton

            and aistheton. In ASCII code 49 = 1,

Agon’s from Middle English one, 

on, oan, an, from Old English ān (“one”),

from Proto-Germanic *ainaz (“one”),

                        from Proto-Indo-European 

                        *óynos (“single, one.”)


            His prosthetic soul has a zomboid reactor. 

Hulé and morphé are coposited—thcd^hre\

            vasaa malast luxrbiyo thay yeha*nt)

                        acknoxi facior qiagipte)

                        luetlix rididoc. Stimulate

                        his corpse[! ]—epiphylogenesis.

            Orthothetic memory supports

                        the ensemble. Aesk heylhopa

                                   when nyctovo is “no.”


When nyctovo is “yes,” DMT (m/z 189),

5- MeO-DMT (m/z 219), 5-FT (ISTD, m/z 179),

            THH (m/z 217), harmaline (m/z 215),

            and harmine (m/z 213) are formed

            by electrospray ionization and selectively

                        monitored for quantitation.


            His natural pondus is millennial power’s 

            Q !AH.yye1fxo ID: 239b20 >> 89725

                        (Qresearch #107) 01.19.18

                                               GMT+1: 06:36:41.

                                   The blunt in the narthex

                        rehearse vivas puellas mortui

                                   incurrrrrsant boves.

                                   He leads the Ul Qom.


ASCII code 50 = 2


Agon Hack’s hereditary accruals (fantasmia),

aka, Subito Ere Bastinado’s fessades,

            superintend the vault. Pivot probe

            the Tanoan dios—gauge 

            its principal parts: Wî’, Wíyeh, Poeyeh

                        Yôenu, P’ą́ąnú, Phéndi’, P’î’.

Of course, Agon as Asclepiad—“choriambically

            expanded glyconic” with the notation 

                                   glc (lesser) or gl2c (greater).


            Undrift his share’s const pattern = config

Key.replace(/[^a-zA-Z0-9_]/g, x => {quincunx.

                        Spotlit till blank—glottis’ 

                        antitypous […] Obs. rare./

                                   [f. onti/tupoj Gr. -OUS.]

            Counterfigures the antitype’s amaranth,

goosefoot, pitseed goosefoot, chenoams, winged

                        pigweed, dropseed and juniper.  

                        2 + 2 = 2 · 2 = 22 = 2↑↑2 = 2↑↑↑2 = Q

                        !AH.yye1fxo ID: f2d4bd >> 127302

                        (Qresearch #50 = 2) 01.22.18

                                   GMT+1: 20:20:36. 


            “IHVH-Adonaï, ton Elohîms, / l’Él ardent,…”

                        Scrape the isthmus—his peristalsis,

                        until a guttersnipe blasts his cèrn eyes.

            Wynken, Blynken and Nod—nostalgia

                                   for the “arborescent” taproot

                        against the rhizome. Call it ubiarta

                        hara Mikirbecha—the Perfektibilisten.


Iahvé se repentit […] « […]—conolatry, access

            and egress whet his sizlegs. Posers vy.

                        Crawsickos joust. Baiters deathspew. 

                        Iamblichos’ Theurgia is Agon’s

                        fascicular root. Motivate

                                   the epistemophiliacs.



ASCII code 51 = 3 


Agon Hack cameos as Ogdru eb Jurhad—sublates

claudam nunc oculos. Pliant unease’s <Compile



                        Cambion. Shag the pelt.

Thickplot under ladroit. Add pronghorn

            and artiodactyla—Fermat

            prime (22n + 1)—CUTUPS.

                        Re: the Tzemach Tzedek. 


Obs. / 1594 SHAKES. Rich. III, IV. iv. 97

            “Decline all this, and see what now

            thou art.” (OED, 00058818.) Strike

                        a clot. Plunder a pass’ prescient

                        tendril. Spin bloat the tubers.  

                        Unaid ecate on rank and twist

the cockegg. Agon is one God, but three coeternal 

            consubstantial hypostases—the Father,

                        the Son and the Holy

                        Spirit—as “one Hack

                                   in three Divine persons”.


In his pharmacy, his panglossalium, Agon mixes

            phonemes like a medicine man, a shaman,

                        or what he calls sfeinctor’s Q !A

                        H.yye1fxo ID: ddd331 >> 131202

                        (Qresearch #51=3) 01.23.18

            GMT+1: 04:26:59. Hedge gall. Helical

                        ridge, no less than the thresh.

                                   Hooray! Ay! Whrrwhee!  


Eort, when racciolino

            ups the zantines—less iccarda.

                        More hrones. The overripe

            now have their thrasonical brag—(ça,

            Sa1, Sa2 ). Epihora transfers

                        the incubator.




Daniel Y. Harris is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing. His Posthuman Series includes The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic (BlazeVOX, 2019), Volume III, The Tryst of Thetica Zorg (BlazeVOX, 2018), Volume II and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (BlazeVOX, 2016), Volume I. His collections include The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (NYQ Books, 2015) and Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Červená Barva Press, 2013). His xperimental writing and sauvage art have been published in Alligatorzine, BlazeVOX, The Denver Quarterly, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, GAMMM, Marsh Hawk Press Review, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review and Poetry Salzburg Review. He is the Publisher of X-Peri & Var(2x). His website is


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