by Kenryo Hara

The root of the Japanese characters “Kanji ” are from ancient China. It has been said that when ancient people inquired the will of the Gods they would use “Kanji” to compose their reply.

To understand these ancient people please consider the lifestyles they cultivated, for instance affections for their family, their values and their connection with to the communities, despite the cruelty they have endured fighting those adversaries who had plundered and persecuted them.

To embrace “Kodai moji” as a creative practice is to know and understand how the ancient lived. It goes without saying, that I have adopted the life force of human being as my primary theme for my “Kodai moji”.

I believe that it is essential to discover and understand these characters that have formed one of the bases for Japanese culture, in order to find myself. The intention of my “Kodai moji” drawings are to collaborate with the viewer by stirring sympathy for the content by the audience.

By transferring “my strength of life” into the lines drawn in Sumi I hope that I can express my inner mind to my work.

My goal is to touch lives of my viewers through my work.


“Kodai” means ancient. “Moji” means character.

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