from Inventory Gesture
by Sacha Archer


Note on the Sequence


This inventory was composed by sketching/drawing the spaces and objects of my home on my phone’s gestural keyboard. The accompanying blind contour drawings were composed after the fact, in the same app, to provide a glimpse of the shadow of the texts and are of various objects throughout the house.



basement studio


  1. ship excess grinding unit.
  2. youth crying.
  3. Uhuru, rub un-mounted but, thy exit tend.
  4. de-stress, giving ship.
  5. ship, ship recycling etc.
  6. chugging church—don’t, Hugh!
  7. you bring domestic, bringing crucified.
  8. text orchid, third gift.
  9. reductionist TVGuide closing touch, forcibly excommunicated Blinky, giving hub Givenchy, taking care, forcing thunder.
  10. unity rode British Columbia rectifying expediency.
  11. election text.
  12. spiritual forcing could well press.
  13. whom?
  14. subsidy tub.
  15. dinner for thirty functioning tonight.
  16. Tchaikovsky inch youngish Ono.
  17. road gambling excited sketchy carcinogenesis highly.
  18. vicinity grubbing Kingfish urchin gets texts.
  19. card, itty bug.
  20. tests drug DiMaggio, coach ordinary Yakubu toner tent.
  21. sheet drift.
  22. verb, Judith—Judith, truth.
  23. high strength, irresistible, officinal crunching reserved.
  24. outbound, debug Eckerd Fabian kidney emotion.
  25. Edinboro, Junko,
  26. nubby ice touching, confused soldiery backtrack mouth sandwich.
  27. Ichiro, hubby in excess, bulletins you, Connie, describing childhood childminder pessimism.
  28. testify, built-in Yehudah, verify osmoregulation.
  29. usury-sincerity.
  30. Tomcat Burki, York Florin, fright!
  31. they butcher, terrorizing.
  32. tutu bring curvy money, touristy criticism fortune.
  33. discuss Brooklyn gagging Norway kitsch horrifically.
  34. Kristin, help!
  35. ushered billions.
  36. future duty, fig it.
  37. concubine digits Ritchie, Jonny, double-check crying.
  38. living community circuitry.
  39. Nikolaj detect tendering.
  40. Minho the Tahitian, Ritchie, small Heidrick, skate someone on Figo’s driver’s side.
  41. lecherous, declining use.
  42. stoney Tirumala knitting uncertainty workshop.
  43. diesel breath.
  44. iron observer, recorder, Finch Edmond inch compromise.
  45. Viji Crohn’s convector, then vino.
  46. yet, emitting Hugo, Ohio.
  47. inhibition hubbub: vengeful brink, icing bump/crinkle, distrusted promotion, bringing honor’s tin box by Buffalo hunt.
  48. cribriform crucible veneer, bubby.
  49. communities bob frontcourt crinoline.
  50. acid Federico tooth twists Hesketh into footbridge text, disturbing recurred Ryu itch.
  51. ugh, uncle!
  52. outgoing Ironman been mobile.
  53. ordinance uninvited.
  54. ironmongery user-defined: hairdresser coronary.
  55. usual Presbyterian constitution recruiting.
  56. jog batch derivatives, Byron.
  57. thyroiditis, though, Doctor.

laundry room


  1. communist oxidized maidenhair they bubble: ovoid.
  2. icicle Isis, chug bunny kg unit thy, ugh, object!
  3. Ulbrich, young thug.
  4. disco identity, Rodney.
  5. certificate: Ubuntu.
  6. crest exhibiting edges midnight.
  7. texted tenue tables rehab bathtub buildup.
  8. pepper, if both condition revision conceits dress workforce’s held, encrusted, governed, fortunes.
  9. chimeric thingy ringside.
  10. Roxbury: heavy distribution bringing tutorial.
  11. Jennifer retrenched.
  12. dresser suffered Bulbul figure brunching giftedness.
  13. hugest obit lyric (Bernini).
  14. carb-funny citizen forming reclining kindred buggy.
  15. glitch intersession.
  16. Toronto, signify Texas, cry mini memorial.
  17. immigration, further bunk.
  18. ugh, night, Woodall!
  19. religious, frictionless, during direct cycle, could cork truth.
  20. Ferretti thuggery forum: gingivitis ink distribution.
  21. opinion night: your credit, Grubb, redlining us.
  22. knight critic using Cruzeiro proof, hubby, itself.
  23. Christ’s piggy pictures get drubbing.
  24. beginning: offensive centre cut scenes, mushy event.
  25. hydro reduced events.
  26. Xerxes, Wheatstone, just drug mixture.
  27. mustard meanie outside, better excreted.
  28. buggy, Xerxes, excessive.
  29. igniting yogurt wondering.
  30. minibus, no!
  31. notify, forgive.
  32. Irish get share.
  33. fifth Creighton night draft.
  34. foodstuff’s folding, official notice: turquoise subject.
  35. Wehner configures finical issued section.
  36. dug zesty, pumping, horrifying tycoon forthright.
  37. crude working didn’t go.
  38. infringing, righty Bridgette.
  39. difficult unity thought hydro title/direction: craft biotic.
  40. notify Guthrie, cried itchy, cutoff Daycare rags (sweet itchy treasure).
  41. witching Jenny McGregor (hitchhiker, Yates debater), Federer, Tongo.
  42. it Dexedrine.
  43. grommet excited direct, igniting greetings, bronchitis, rulesets.
  44. trying yesteryear, crucifixion conductive, robust, its button individual.
  45. rightfully homocysteine, Bruno, through evolving, wonderful Clorox tricycle.
  46. oddly, Joni irons.
  47. first, Juno urging these bureaucrats outdoors.
  48. Torontonian’s tachycardia bureau: common decoder taught oviduct gratefully, rarely.
  49. help rafter torch recording succubi.



  1. Urdu justified Liridonna itching, resetting icy itching.
  2. outgoing tried, huh.
  3. McKinsey islet, they unfit, my youth.
  4. that there issues Rubinstein, sincerest.
  5. orchestrating, evict Cronin.
  6. bend cervicitis ok, videographer?
  7. urine humidities: Uckfield, Tiruchi.
  8. didn’t elaborate.
  9. technologist risking tonics, though reminded, unsubscribing thug, they’ve guided recherché theft rightfully.
  10. credibility, just.
  11. giving, tidying, functioning, Fletch decrypting Christmas home buying.
  12. copying Hinton infectivity weeknights, Hedvig exertion.
  13. railway dining: helix kickboxing.


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